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I’m halfway through my Masters??

i'm halfway through my masters whathannahwrote

Little disclaimer before I get into this… coming to accept that I am indeed halfway through my Masters degree was HELLA DIFFICULT. So you’d better appreciate this post *sniffles*

So, yeah. Somehow I am now heading into my second semester of classes for my MA Multimedia Journalism course. Of course, I’m nowhere near finished, but I figured I’d write up a little post on my experience so far because a) there’s so much involved in it that I wasn’t getting a chance to post on here much before, and b) if y’all aren’t interested, I’ll just document it for myself…

I feel like whenever I talk about this course, I sound incredibly cheesy and dramatic. But it’s my DREAM, as I’ve told everyone a million times over. So I have a right to be dramatic.

Obviously, given that it’s a postgrad, it’s very hectic. Like, I complained a lot during my undergrad degree and I now regret ever thinking that was difficult. I’m in 9-5 pretty much every day and I went into that thinking “well, it’s just like having a full time job”… but it’s not like that at all. It’s like a full time job if you were getting assessed every week and had essays and presentations to write up when you finally got home for the night. Oh, and if you also had an hour of shorthand practice every day so you don’t forget what you learned during the 9-5. And you weren’t getting paid for it, but in fact paid to be there. Like that.

I’ll be honest: it’s pretty heavy going. I was kind of expecting it, but maybe not to the actual extent that it is. There really is a lot to it, but maybe that’s because of the nature of the industry the course is for? I have my usual essays and reports, but every week I’ve been chasing people up for quotes to include in an original weekly report from my council ward, or I’ve been holding interviews to write features articles and to record people for radio and TV. The funny thing is, I’m incredibly stressed out and a little drained emotionally – but I love it. It’s what I’ve always wanted to do, and for some reason I thrive on it even though half the time I seem dead on the inside.

That takes me not-so-very neatly on to the next thing: I’ve met some amazing people on this course. My classmates are such a fab body of support, and even though we’re all equally as stressed and drained, we all seem to pull through for each other and keep the whole class going. I’ve been so happy because I’ve been warned so many times by other students that journalism classes seem to become quite competitive and split as time goes on – but I’ve been incredibly lucky to have found myself in a class of such lovely people. I often wonder what would have happened if I’d just gone for the course at undergraduate level back in 2014, but do you sometimes ever feel like things have happened for a reason? I genuinely believe that I would’ve missed out on so much had I been in a different group of people.

This upcoming semester looks set to be as stressful as ever, and part of me is kind of dreading it. But I’m just so happy that I’m finally doing something that I feel so passionately about, and that makes me excited to see what is to come. And, well, I suppose I need to accept that I’ll need to leave university behind at some point. But if you’re thinking about doing a postgraduate degree, whatever the subject, I strongly advise you to. I dithered for ages and didn’t really have anyone who’d done it before to tell me about their experience, so here I am letting you know that if you can find a way to fund it, and can afford the time as well as the emotional investment (because trust me, you will need that), then 100% go for it. I’ve ended up doing what I always truly wanted to do, and it makes me so happy – and I definitely would never have ended up in that position without going forward with the masters.

Here’s to the next semester!






  • Nirvana Stone

    Thank you for sharing. I went for my Masters in Art History years ago and it was a very disciplined course with lots of writing. And even though I didn’t follow up with it as a career, I learned so much and it influenced other pursuits in my life for the better. Best wishes for a great finish in your work, Hannah…you’ll be so glad you did it.

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