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10 Things I’ve Learned Since Moving in with my Boyfriend…

Yes indeed, if you can’t tell from the post’s title – I have moved in with my boyfriend! We’re currently living out of boxes (I have a lot of stuff… I didn’t realise this before), but we’re getting settled and I’m super-duper happy. Plus, I don’t think he actually reads my blog, so I can get away with doing posts like this!

I have a little brother, so I totally get the whole “living with boys” thing. But there’s still some things I’ve gathered and observed over the week we’ve had our little flat.

1. I like lights and warmth. He does not. This was not something I was previously aware of.

2. He doesn’t understand why I moved in a bag full of flatlay props and magazines. “If you’ve already read them, why are you keeping hold of them?” and “I’m not moving that bag in my car” are already two quips that were made in transit. AMMA BLOGGER I NEEEEED THEM

3. Any food I have in the fridge seems to disappear overnight?? Like, I’ll go to bed early and when I wake up in the morning it’s gone??

4. I appear to own a lot of clothes. This was never really apparent to me before I moved in with him… although this one might be true, because I’m currently taking up a full wardrobe, a storage unit and a chest of drawers – as well as my wardrobes and chest of drawers back home on Islay. But I mean, it still wasn’t a problem I was aware of before…

5. We 100% do NOT have the same taste in films. Turns out he’s not too big a fan of Disney.

6. FOOD SHOPPING IS TENSE. Apparently I spend too long wandering around the aisles

7. Suddenly we don’t get FOMO. We’re quite happy sitting on the couch with a tube of Pringles and just chilling. Although we’re trying v hard not to become that couple just yet

8. There are some things that he just DOESN’T get excited about. Boyband reunions!? New photo frames!? HELLO!?

9. I had to justify exactly why I couldn’t use Aldi’s own-brand shampoo. I’m all for own-brand and discounts, but bleached hair requires something a little more… purple-y

10. He can’t boil rice. Made for hilarious results, though

I sooo could have continued that once I got going, but I’ll spare him because he’ll think I’m being mean about him on the Internet and will most likely actually find this one out of all my posts. So… has anyone else learned anything about their other half upon moving in together? Let me knooooow!





  • hanmwill

    Absolutely loved this post! Had me chuckling at my desk. Defo agree about the food shopping, my boyfriend and I aren’t really arguers but food shopping gets TENSE sometimes, haha!

  • RealNess


    I been living with my boyfriend for 2 weeks now. I love it but deff agree with most of your points!!!

  • Dhawal Joshi

    When you live with someone you actually start to learn a lot about them for sure. Things which probably you won’t be noticing on dates or usual hangouts.

  • insidemegansmind

    Ahh, I love this! My boyfriend and I moved into an apartment recently with 3 other friends and we don’t share the same room, but I’ve still learned a few things. The biggest one is how much I actually need some alone time. I love him and I love to spend the majority of my day with him, but I also need some time to myself. Food shopping is also very intense for us and yes, he also eats all of my food – are all men like this? Haha good luck!

    Megan xx

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