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17 Facts About Me

I can’t believe I looked back at my old blog for inspiration, but I did. I noticed I did a “20 facts about me” post to kick things off, but there were a few that no longer applied, so I’m doing a brand-new, updated version  – except with 17 facts because I’ve evidently become A LOT more boring and couldn’t think of 20 🙂

I really debated about doing a post like this so soon into starting this, just because I wasn’t sure about putting up things that could make people go “oh, that’s Hannah!”… but then I realised no one’s going to be sitting at home searching for my name on the Internet (at least, I hope not haha) so I figured I’m pretty safe.

1. My name is Hannah (no really)

2. I’m 20 years old

3. I live in Glasgow

4. I’m a student, studying my third year of BA (Hons) International Business.

5. My last saved songs on Spotify include Lord of the Dance (With Taps), – hahaha sorry not sorry, it’s an absolute banger – Fade by Kanye West, and that song by Vaults on the John Lewis Christmas advert

6. I have a really varied taste in music. Could you tell?

7. My ultimate dream job would be to work for Radio 1. I’ve just always wanted to from the age of about 10, even though I’ve gone off on a completely different career track 🙁

8. I don’t think I’ve got to sleep before midnight since I was about 12; I’m in practically every other country’s time zone except the UK’s

9. The one food/drink item I crave pretty much every day is Irn Bru, I practically live on it and I know it’s bad! (those last two points might be connected actually, oops)

10. I talk to EVERYONE. Especially on nights out, I will just stop and chat away and I don’t know if it’s a blessing or a curse

11. I’m a huge Manchester City fan (and have been since birth, so no money comments please and thank you :))

12. My favourite place to go on holiday is Turkey. I’ve been to Marmaris seven times now, twice this year! I love love love it

13. I really don’t understand how anyone can eat mushrooms. How? I don’t get it

14. I hardly watch any TV but right now I am hooked on Pretty Little Liars. My life is pretty much revolving around it right now

15. I don’t know how many times I’ve dyed my hair in the last year. Right now I’m blonde, but I can never decide whether to go back to my natural brown, keep the blonde or go ombre and do a bit of both 😐

16. I loooooove corgis and I’m desperate to have one 🙁

17. If I could, I would be a Disney Princess

That’s about it! I’m not the most exciting person, but there we go haha





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