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20 goals for 2020… but with, y’know, everything in mind

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I, like many bloggers, wrote posts at the start of the New Year, setting myself little goals and experiences I’d have liked to have fulfilled by the end of the year. Many travel, concert and general going-outside-the-house resolutions were made and now read like the most ridiculous targets ever set.

So, I’ve decided that as of May, with it looking less and less likely that some of my original goals aren’t achievable any time this year, it’s about time that I take another look and give them a bit of an update. I’m sure that’s allowed with New Years resolutions? Yes, it is.

Here are my revised 20 goals for the year of 2020, with all coronavirus-related restrictions in mind (though to be honest, on reflection, I haven’t even achieved many of the non-impacted goals so far):

  1. Record at least one IGTV. I don’t have much to talk about, but I can talk, so I’m sure I’ll find something
  2. Redesign the blog
  3. Read at least 10 books (I didn’t even make it through two in 2019…)
  4. Get started on TikTok. I lurk and I have many ideas, but my pride gets in the way. I’ll try, I promise
  5. Meal prep at least once a month
  6. Write and post at least 50 blog posts
  7. Take up gardening
  8. Get more active on IG and upload at least once a week
  9. Start back at the gym – what’s a New Year without that on your list!? – – to be fair, I achieved that and then lockdown prevented me from attending. I’m crossing it off
  10. Watch at least five documentaries
  11. Get out of my student overdraft
  12. Reach 6,000 Twitter followers
  13. Buy less plastic
  14. Take up a (yet-to-be-decided) 30 day challenge
  15. Bake something in lockdown – I wrote this post and then achieved this goal the day after, so I’m counting it. I finally baked banana bread and it was GLORIOUS
  16. Create my own cocktail. I’m always chucking random things into a jug when I create drinks, so it’s about time that I finally record it and make it a thing
  17. Learn a new skill
  18. Take more leisurely walks (running for the train does not count)
  19. Become more generous and donate more often
  20. Drink more water – and chart my sugary drink intake to make sure I cut down!

Have you had to re-think your OG 2020 New Year’s resolutions? Or have you set your own lockdown goals to try and stick to during this absolutely crazy time? Let me know below!




  • gemmaajaynee

    This has made me want to double check the goals I set at the beginning of the year, I know I had many concert/travel related ones which will have to transfer to next years goals haha xxx

  • Clarissa

    I love this Hannah! I am sure many people are in the same boat. I had three big goals that I wanted to focus on for 2020. One was career related, one financial, and the third was athletic in nature. But they all went out the window on January 2nd when I hurt my shoulder requiring surgery, and preventing me from working. And now with the whole Covid-19 thing, I’m still waiting for that surgery, so I’ve had to set all new goals to help me get through these strange times.

  • maeveam

    Love the new revised goals! I should definitely re-up mine given the circumstances. Do you have a recipe for that banana bread? I have a need!

    Xx Maeve

  • Brenda

    I love your new and revised 2020 goal list. You got this!! But staying healthy during this pandemic is number 1 !! 🙂

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