Five Friday Faves!

Hello luvvies 🙂

So I haven’t actually been doing much recently worth blogging about, just cause of uni and stuff (dissertations are looming, ew) so I figured I’d do a wee list of all my favourite things this week, and five of them just because alliteration – woo


1. This cushion

I’m very much in love with Primark’s home section, just cause they’ve got so many cute little things and I’m a sucker for that kind of stuff… but the whole student thing means I can’t go and buy everything (boo). I came across these gorgeous little rose gold cushions though! I’m in love with rose gold and am now considering changing the colours in my room around this cushion haha. They’re currently £3 in store, no idea why I only bought one! (Enjoy my skirting board btw, my bed was too messy to take a photo of haha)



2. TRNSMT line-up

Hoooooly smokes I am beyond excited for this! I was gutted to hear about T in the Park being cancelled for this year, and when I heard there was going to be a different thing in Glasgow Green I wasn’t all that bothered. Then I kind of forgot about it all and was counting on Radio 1’s Big Weekend instead – till I realised TRNSMT is the Glasgow Green one! I adore Two Door Cinema Club and have been begging my friends to come to a concert with me for ages, I don’t even know how many times I’ve seen Twin Atlantic, Kasabian were amazing at T two years ago and BIFFY!!! I’ve somehow got to this stage without seeing them so far!? GAAAAH. Yes yes yes.



3. The Magic iPod

Admittedly, I didn’t come across this by myself. I was listening to Radio 1 while doing coursework the other day, and on Scott Mills’ show they were discussing this mad website where you can mix two songs – that really shouldn’t go together, FYI – and they just work, for some reason. So I tried it out and I can proudly say I stayed on there for a good hour, sending Snapchats of all my mixes to everyone. The link is here, pass on the magic! >>> http://themagicipod.com


4. Smoothies

Is this a weird one? I feel like it’s a weird one to have on here. It’s hardly a new concept to me, but I’ve been trying to eat more healthy the last few weeks and have started making smoothies for breakfast – I never eat breakfast btw, so this is like a major breakthrough. Practically living for my smoothies at the moment. Don’t judge.


5. NYX Lip Lingerie

So I know these have been out for quite a while now, but my local Boots only just got them in a short time ago and I’ve been patiently waiting to finally get some… I picked up “Bedtime Flirt” and “Corset” and I absolutely love them! I normally use the Kylie Lipkits, but these are quickly become my favourites – they’re really light and stay on for ages. Would definitely recommend! 🙂


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