I had so much planned for the past week in the way of blog posts! Apologies for being so behind, but this time it wasn’t down to a case of forgetting – I picked up a puppy on Friday!

I’ve wanted a dog since I was tiny, but there was never a good time for us to get one and unfortunately that time has now come about when I’ve moved out the house; my parents live about 6 hours away from me, on a small island, and so I’ve come home for the week to get the puppy settled in!


I am in LOVE. She’s a wee nuisance right now, but she’s the sweetest little thing! Her name is Ellie, and she’s an 8 week old Golden Retriever πŸ™‚ Her favourite thing at the minute seems to be socks and slippers, despite the numerous toys she’s been given!

ellie 2

(for some reason she looks like a totally different dog in every photo!)

I haven’t done much else except for puppy-sitting, so I just haven’t got round to even getting uni coursework done let alone some posts! Hopefully I’ll make up for it next week! (Also expect plenty of pupdates from now on!)

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