Some (Alternative!) Top Tips for Studying

Hello all 🙂 So, the time for final exams is upon us yet again. Whether its uni, college, Highers or A-levels, it's always going to be a stressful period and I fully empathise with you! (I should actually be revising right now instead of writing blog posts, but hey ho) When it comes to studying, I've… Continue reading Some (Alternative!) Top Tips for Studying


Five Friday Faves (Saturday edition…)

I’m well aware that I haven’t worked out a consistent schedule for this blog yet, I’m pretty much just posting when I get the chance – which isn’t very often with all my uni coursework due in the next few weeks 😦 But forget coursework for the time being, HAPPY SATURDAY Y’ALL! I’ve come home… Continue reading Five Friday Faves (Saturday edition…)

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10 Lessons You’ll Actually Learn at University

I actually didn't even realise this until I went to write this list, but I got my offer for university three years ago yesterday. How has time gone by that quick!? I know everyone says time's flying at the moment, but I'm really struggling to understand how I've nearly finished my 3rd year already, and… Continue reading 10 Lessons You’ll Actually Learn at University