Five Friday Faves (Saturday edition…)

I’m well aware that I haven’t worked out a consistent schedule for this blog yet, I’m pretty much just posting when I get the chance – which isn’t very often with all my uni coursework due in the next few weeks 😦

But forget coursework for the time being, HAPPY SATURDAY Y’ALL! I’ve come home for the weekend so I feel super chill and am quite happy to be doing nothing. Which means I have time to update! Yay!

I really enjoyed doing this list the first time a few weeks ago, and it kind of worked because of the alliteration and stuff. But here’s the thing, I don’t know if you’ve noticed yet – I’ve mentioned it just a few times – but I am the world’s most disorganised person ever. To the point where I will post things that say “Friday” in the title, but then go on to publish it on the Saturday.  So once again, apologies for my ridiculous timing, and hopefully I’ll get it right sometime soon…!


1. This Chip from Beauty and the Beast teacup from Primark

(Photo credit: Irish Mirror)

I already tweeted about this yesterday – I absolutely adore it! I ran into Primark on Thursday before I came home and couldn’t find one anywhere, so hopefully by the time I’m back on Monday they might have made an appearance… I’ve seen them all over social media, as well as the really cute purse. I was all set to buy a little Mrs Potts and Chip set a while back until I realised it was like £90; this Primark version is only £5, and it looks set to sell out already!


2. L’Oreal Paris Infallible Total Cover Foundation


I kept seeing this being advertised on Facebook, and for some reason I was really interested – I’ve literally been using the same liquid foundation since I was about 13, along with the MAC Studio Fix compact. So it was weird that I was willing to try something new along these lines, but I bought one anyway… My old foundation is out the window! It’s light, it covers really well – basically everything it claims to be, but I was too skeptical to believe. I’ll probably do a proper review on this next week sometime, but I’d definitely recommend it!


3. Brighter evenings!

Has anyone noticed it’s still sunny at like 5.30pm right now? SUMMER IS COMING, PEOPLE. I am so excited omg


4. Jinn Delivery Service

This one is off the back of me being super lazy. But this service is honestly amazing – my flatmate jokingly told me all about this company called Jinn who will fetch and deliver pretty much anything for you; McDonalds, shampoo and toilet paper from Tesco, just cause she knows how bad I am for refusing to do simple tasks. Next day, I’m pretty hungover, but wanting KFC really bad. Cue me paying a £2.30 delivery and service fee for a (really lovely, FYI) guy to hop on his bicycle, pick up my order and deliver it to my door. What a service.


5. Pink being the new black


I will never get over my childhood love of Barbie and all things pink. It’s the colour of half of my wardrobe and all of my room – so I’m super excited that it seems to be the colour of the season at the moment. It’s everywhere and I’m loving it!

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