REVIEW | Primark P.S. Pro Oval Brushes

I’ve been putting off doing a review for ages! I feel like I’m better at just rambling and telling a story rather than being critical, but hopefully this will be the first of many 🙂

I’d started to notice more and more that people are opting for the oval brush trend over other applicators, and while at first I wasn’t really that won over by them, I started getting more and more interested in what they’d actually be like to use. Here’s the thing, though – as a student (living hours away from home too, boo), I don’t exactly have the funds to spend on expensive, high quality items. This means that when trends like these come along, I either have to just accept my rubbish financial status, or I’ll attempt to find a cheaper version!

I’m sure it’s been evident in previous posts that I’m more than a little fond of rummaging through Primark, and so I headed in for a look the other day – I wasn’t even aware they existed, but I came across a range of oval brushes under the P.S. range! Seeing as they were priced at £2.50, £3 and £4 depending on the size, I opted for the £4 large size; for that price, trying it wouldn’t hurt!


So, I’m going to hold my hands up here – while I’m an owner of many brushes, I am very guilty of choosing to apply liquid foundation with my fingers instead. I know it’s frowned upon, but I’ve just always gone with that option and I find it a lot quicker… So I decided to use the oval brush for this part of my make-up application, just so I could compare as a stubborn non-brush user over the years!

(Side-note, I applied by first off dotting my liquid foundation around areas of my face, then blending it in with the brush :))

The first thing I noticed was that the synthetic hairs were way softer than what I was expecting – I was worried that there would be visible brush strokes in the foundation where I’d blended. Additionally, the density meant that when blending, I found that I was actually able to use way less than I usually would just because it was spreading out a lot better than usual. I also felt that despite it being the largest size, I had no problems getting around my nose and eye area; admittedly, I don’t really pay much attention there anyway, so it’d be interesting to see the difference with the smaller sizes.

brush head

I actually found that I applied my foundation quicker than my usual technique (or lack of!), and it gives a really nice finish – which I find rare given how bad my skin can get! My only questionable point is that the handle doesn’t seem too strong; but then, for £4, you can’t really complain! Overall, I’m really impressed with my purchase, and I think I’ve been convinced to actually start applying liquid foundation with a brush :)!

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