Five Dresses for the Ultimate Baller

If you’re a university/college student like myself, you’ll be well aware that we’re coming into ball season. Being someone who shies away from signing up to things, I’ve never really taken anything to do with events like these, but my uni’s annual Sports Ball is happening next weekend and so I figured I’d at least go to one just to say I’ve been. **Side note – it’s worth mentioning that I’m actually just gatecrashing this ball. I can’t even remember the last time I took part in a sport of any kind, and I only ever break a sweat when I have to run downstairs to meet the Dominos delivery guy.**

Because of my lack of experience, and also the fact that my high school was too small to have a prom (boo), I had no idea what kind of outfit I’m expected to wear to this kind of thing. Turns out it’s pretty formal, but with a three-course meal and a load of alcohol… so my next issue was trying to find a dress that could fit around these three factors! I’ll probably do a bit about my outfit next week, but for now, I’ve shortlisted five of my favourite dresses I came across in my search 🙂 (links are in the headings!)

1. Grey One Shoulder Maxi Dress, Missguided – £30

I was really close to ordering this dress at first, until I realised that they’d sold out in my size 😦

One of my worries was that I’d end up in something that looked way too formal, and a lot of the off-the-shoulder styles gave me that impression. Despite this, I felt like this dress’s style manages to capture the whole “this is a fancy event, but I’ve still managed to play it cool” kind of vibe? I really love the colour too; I’m really into pastels, and so the fact that this shade is pretty light really drew me to it. I also liked that while the design isn’t too OTT, there are little features within it that add a bit of a dramatic look. Much love!

I liked this one just because it isn’t the typical traditional style you’d normally opt for with these events, but it still manages to maintain a kind of formal prom style. I’m a huge fan of high necklines right now (bit late to the party, I wasn’t into them at all when it burst back into fashion a while ago!) and I think the faux pearl embellishment is so pretty 🙂 Totally would’ve gone for this one had it not been for the fact that there’s a ceilidh at the ball, and so I had to consider the length of my dress – this was a huuuuge deciding factor for me, I’m an islander after all!



So this one might be a little bit more pricey than the rest (subject to opinion of course, I’m a poor student haha), but it was one that I kept going back to and considering. Sadly I ended up having to accept that this style of dress never really suits me, albeit reluctantly. Part of my choice was due to the fact that I have a big love for lace; it manages to look really elegant while still keeping things simple, even with sequins!


I tried this dress on when I was searching for my own, and I absolutely adored it! It appears quite pink in the photo, but I’d say it’s a tiny bit lighter in person. Again, the lace was what attracted me to it, but the only thing I was worried about was whether or not it would be too tight – it seemed pretty fitted on the hanger. Turned out, when I tried it on, it actually really complimented my shape (somehow) while also allowing room to move around comfortably. I was this close to buying it, before I decided to go for a longer style – still considering going back for it anyway!


Red isn’t something I usually wear out of a fear of looking too over-the-top (as I said, pastels are my thing haha), but whenever I do wear it I always find that it suits me, so I figured I’d keep it in mind when searching. I actually struggled quite a bit to find a red dress in the kind of style I wanted – and this one wasn’t necessarily what I had in mind – but I still really liked it! I’m into the Bardot style anyway, but I thought the tie variation made it look really cute. I also tend to stay away from plunging styles; I found that this dress manages to pull it off without being too daring. Again, one I’m still considering – I’ve got a week to change my mind!

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