REVIEW | Liz Earle Natural Skincare

Skincare has been a big thing for me since the age of about 11. It seems really young to me now, but despite not really wearing make-up properly until I was 13 or so, I was unfortunate enough to have had problem skin from around then; at one point, I was having to attend dermatologist appointments every six weeks and take medication, which was seriously not fun as a teenager 😦

Luckily, I’ve been blessed with a mother who is a proud owner of just about every skincare product under the sun, and after years of experimenting (and quite a bit of time watching tutorials on QVC), she’s helped me to find the best range for my skin. I’m very grateful for the fact that everything eventually cleared up around 16/17, and so far I’ve managed to avoid any repeat cases, but that hasn’t been without work.

One range that I’ve used on and off for years is Liz Earle; in particular, the Cleanse & Polish cleanser, Instant Boost skin tonic, and the Skin Repair moisturiser (their Orange Blossom Botanical body wash is also amazing for sensitive skin, but that’s going off topic for now!).

liz earle.JPG

I have to admit, it was the first range of products I used when my problems started, and it actually wasn’t right for me at the time – it just didn’t agree with my skin, but now that I look back, I’m not sure if that was actually the case or if it was just that it required more attention than a skincare routine. After years of switching between different brands, I came back to Liz Earle around a month ago, and I’ve fallen in love (and I’ve also totally realised why my mum was so gutted that I couldn’t use it years ago). I know it’s hardly a new release and there’ll be so many reviews online by now, but I figured I’d go through the products I’ve been using!

Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser

This is the first step in the process – probably my favourite too (it smells reaaally nice and it’s so good to see your make-up practically melt away!). It’s also won a number of awards, and rightly so. It suits all skin types, and there are so many natural ingredients in there.

cleanse and polish.jpgThe first part is the “cleanse” stage, where you simply apply the cream straight to your face (no need to include anything else, just straight on whether you’ve got make-up on or not), and massage it in to remove any trace of make-up. The best part about this, for me at least, is the fact that it’s totally safe to use on eye make-up, so no need to faff about with any other products! I tend to wear a heavy amount of make-up daily, yet I only ever need to use two pumps’ worth at the most. A little goes a long way!

Once you’ve spread it all over – and in my case, caused your face to go a dark grey colour with the mix of mascara/eyeliner/foundation – you then move onto the next stage; you guessed it, “polish”. This is where you take the muslin cloth (there’s normally two provided when you purchase the set), run in under warm/hot water, and then use it to remove the cleanser. Even when I wasn’t using Liz Earle’s products, I still always used the muslin cloth to remove whatever I was using! They’re super useful and are designed to exfoliate and remove dead skin, so your face ends up feeling sooo soft and hydrated.

For myself personally, I find that the product always makes my skin look a lot brighter after use. It’s also great when I do have the occasional breakout; it somehow manages to tone down any redness, and just generally makes my skin feel a whole lot more smoother. It kind of makes me wish I’d just persevered with it way back when it was at its worst!

Instant Boost Skin Tonic


Next is the Instant Boost tonic, which is fab toner with a gorgeous scent (to be fair, all the products have a nice smell, there’s no need to point it out). It’s great for ensuring that any remnants of make-up are removed before the final stage, and I find it leaves my skin feeling totally refreshed. It can be applied by simply pouring a dab onto a cotton wool pad and using it to just glide over your face. ** MUM TIP. I wouldn’t have known this without mum telling me, but apparently it isn’t suitable for using on your eyes. Maybe this is common knowledge for toners and I’m just out of the loop, but anyway ** I always make sure not to skip this one, just because I like being reassured that I’ve got as much of the day’s make-up off as possible. Plus it just generally leaves my skin feeling really good!


Skin Repair Moisturiser – Normal/Combination
The final step is the moisturiser, which again, I totally love. To be honest, I was using a really great moisturiser before this and so I thought it would be hard to try and beat, but this one is just as good – if not better, considering it’s a fraction of the price. Once again, a little goes a long way with this product, and the results are always really visible to me the next morning. I always find that I wake up looking fresh (somewhat, let’s not get too carried away), and I especially notice how well this moisturiser works for me when applying foundation; I use the MAC Studio Fix powder, and previously I tended to find that I’d end up all patchy due to areas of dry skin. Not any more! I’m really pleased with this, and I’d even consider continuing to use it as my daily moisturiser even if I changed up the rest of the routine.
Apologies if this has gone on forever, I’m still new to the whole reviewing thing! This was definitely something I was determined to do one on though, so hopefully it’ll serve to help out in some way 🙂 Thanks to everyone who’s given me feedback so far, it’s been a huge help! ♡

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