PUPDATE | Ellie: 8 Weeks vs. 8 Months

It feels like it was only a few weeks ago that we took Ellie home, but somehow it’s been six months!

Ellie outside.jpg

I realised the other day that today would mark her 8 month birthday (Christmas puppy, aww), so I went back to read the blog post I wrote when we took her home at 8 weeks. Turns out, I’d planned to do regular “pupdates”… which I didn’t actually do! In all fairness to myself, I didn’t properly live with her until I moved back home for the summer at the end of May, so I missed quite a lot of her initial growing up!

If you didn’t catch my post from February, Ellie is my golden retriever puppy (Ellie Gould-en retriever, get it? … Yes, my puppy is named after an Ellie Goulding pun). She came home with us as a little fluff ball and was just the cutest puppy EVER, except she had a habit of biting feet and wrists. Now, she’s still a fluff ball except on a much larger scale, and she still loves biting feet and wrists (we need to get that sorted…).

She’s obviously still a puppy, but she’s changed so much in the last few months. We’d never owned a dog before her, so the most normal changes amaze me. Like, she barks when she needs out to pee – no more training pads! And she’s developed a love for food (any food, anyONE’s food). Her favourite word is “Dentastix” and will literally come bounding up the garden if she hears it, and she absolutely loves going on walks to the beach next to our house, though she always ends up coming home either soaked or caked in sand… or both!

My favourite thing of all is her loyalty to her little friend here:

Ellie and puppy 1.jpgEllie and puppy 3Ellie and puppy 2

We bought this little puppy because it had a little pack inside that mimicked a heartbeat (sounds freaky, I know). When we first took Ellie home and she was alone without her brothers and sisters, we’d put the puppy in with her and she’d snuggle in under it and it calmed her straight down. Obviously, now, she’s well outgrown it, and I think the little heartbeat pack came out after she realised it wasn’t as active as her other puppy friends – but she still takes it everywhere like her own little puppy! When she wakes up in the morning, she even carries it out to pee in the garden with her. So cuuuute!

Anyway, I know most of you will be here for golden retriever puppy photos. Here you go!

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20 thoughts on “PUPDATE | Ellie: 8 Weeks vs. 8 Months

  1. There is nothing cuter on the planet than a golden retriever puppy! That little stuffed pal you bought for her is just so sweet. And how adorable that she still loves it so much! I hope you’ll be posting more pupdates in the future 🙏🙏!



  2. Oh my she is so cute! She’s grown so much from your photos too, it’s crazy seeing the changes in a pet as they grow the same happened with my kitten. It’s great when they don’t need training pads anymore x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿


    1. It’s mad, some of the puppy ones were from her first week, and then I came home again like three weeks later and she seemed huge! I wish they’d stay small just a little longer! Hahaha yes, the training pads stopping was definitely a plus! x


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