REVIEW | Jerome Russell Bblonde Highlighting Kit

I mentioned in my Top 5 Summer Purchases post that I’d write a full review on the Jerome Russell Bblonde Highlighting Kit… so that I have done!

I’ve previously written about my hair bleaching horrors of yesteryear, in which I did manage to eventually reach the blonde shade I was aiming for, but I also managed to totally mess up my hair and achieve some questionable colours in the process. Since then I stayed away from home bleaching kits, but my rest in bleaching for just under a year resulted in roots that ended up looking like I’d gone down the dip-dye route… except everyone knew that it was just a case of ridiculously long roots. Struggling to get a hair appointment for a matter of months, I ended up having to drop into Boots and pick up a DIY highlighting kit. Surprisingly enough, it was a total success – though my initial hesitancy meant that I only covered a small amount of strands at first.

This was what my hair looked like after this first attempt:

Before 1.jpg

Not a drastic change (and not the most photogenic pic!), and I wasn’t too keen on it still being so dark at the top. So, the next time I passed through Glasgow, I returned to Boots to pick up another pack.

The kit contains a sachet of powder bleach, a bottle of cream peroxide, mixing tray, applicator brush, a highlighting cap and plastic cover cap, a sachet of conditioning shampoo, and gloves. It also comes with a metal hook-style tool, which I couldn’t actually find until after I took the photo, so it’s on its own below!

Highlighting kit

Highlighting hook

Application process

Process - hat

First off, the thing I loved about using this particular kit was using the highlighter cap and hook to pull the strands you want bleached through. I’ve attempted other kits on previous occasions, and they’ve always had a brush to run the bleach through with, which has resulted in a lot of mess and accidental blonde patches. Being able to isolate only the hair you want to work with makes things so much easier!

To begin with, you’re instructed to brush your hair backwards before putting on the highlighter cap to ensure there are no tangles. Once it’s on, use the metal hook to pull the strands through; it’s totally up to you how much or how little you hook through, depending on how blonde you want your finished look to be. I wanted to use this as a way of making my hair a little blonder without totally damaging it the way I did before, so I looked to hook a decent amount.

Process - hair pull.jpg

One thing I’d suggest when pulling strands through is to perhaps consider getting someone to help out – I was fine with the front half of the cap, but trying to get the right amount through at the back was a bit of a struggle! As far as I can tell I didn’t do too bad with my guesses, though I did check in a mirror every so often just to make sure… I also kept some hair clips close by to pin back the mass of hair that was in my face during this stage – I got stuck in and worked from the front backwards, so these were very useful!

Eventually you’ll end up resembling the girl from The Ring if you’ve got the hair length for it, so once you’ve pulled through as much hair as you want to bleach, run a brush through it once more to make sure there’s definitely no tangles, and that all the hair is through the holes of the cap okay. (I hadn’t done that yet in my photo, don’t worry!)

Process - bleach.jpg

Next step is to bleach! Mix the powder bleach and cream peroxide in the mixing tray – I used the brush to do this -, and you’ll end up with a blue-ish, purple-ish mixture. Then just use the brush to apply all over the hair you’ve pulled through; make sure it’s totally covered of course! When this is done, cover it all with the plastic cover cap.

The instruction booklet that comes with the kit suggests leaving the bleach on for “15 to 90 minutes”; obviously this is a really vague recommendation, so just keep checking on the progress every so often. My hair takes to bleach pretty quickly, so I knew to leave it for around half an hour before washing it all off. This turned out to be just enough to match the rest of my already-bleached hair, but everyone will be different!

When washing it off, I first of all rinsed as much as I could off with water, and then used the conditioning shampoo to make sure it got a good amount of it out of my hair. I then used Bleach London’s Silver Shampoo, which I personally find is a total godsend for blonde hair – it’s so good for taking brassy tones straight out! I could see that my highlights were just a little brassy, which is most likely due to my natural hair colour having a red tinge to it, so the purple in the shampoo dealt with this and brought out a lighter blonde.



After 2

So my hair still has a dark tone to it, but I feel like the highlights have definitely lightened it up a little compared to what it was like before. Some days it actually looks lighter than it does in this photo, so it’s reached a colour I’m happy to stick with! I really can’t fault this kit at all. I’ve had a number of compliments since putting in the highlights, and I’m really happy with the quality of them. For £6.49, I’m incredibly pleased with my purchase!

6 thoughts on “REVIEW | Jerome Russell Bblonde Highlighting Kit

  1. I used to use this stuff all the time but I was silly and used it too often and it damaged my hair terribly! At least you were more sensible than I was 😭 Xx



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