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21 Goals at 21

Today is my 21st birthday! Even writing that feels a bit daft given that I’m still convinced that I’m 15 from time to time. The thought of turning 21 scared me so much until a matter of weeks ago, where I realised that I’m still young enough to be fond of my age; I then started viewing it not as a restraint on what I can do (or more so, what I can get away with), but rather a time for me to challenge myself and see how I can turn this year into my best yet. There’s so many little things that I’ve still never done yet always say I want to do, and so I’ve elected this year as the time to do it. There’s also things I’ve done before that I’ve been wanting to do again!

I’ve thought and thought, and have finally settled on 21 things I want to have completed while I’m 21. This means that I have until the 18th October 2018 to make sure this list is complete – probably the most organised I’ll ever be in scheduling a blog post!


1. Become more adventurous with my wardrobe

2. Save up and treat myself to a “luxury” item

3. Go to a music festival

4. Sign up for something new

5. Graduate with at least a 2:1 (PRESSUUUURE)

6. Go sightseeing in at least one location

7. Spend more time exploring Glasgow on days off (no sleeping till 5pm!)

8. Take part in a competition of some sort

9. Watch all the Harry Potter films (I’ve never seen or read anything from the franchise – I’m actually quite reluctant to let this one go)

10. Visit another country

11. Attend a concert (I haven’t been to one in months 😦 )

12. Attempt ice skating

13. Reach 300 followers on the blog

14. Have a night out in a different UK city (Glasgow’s getting old…!)

15. Do at least one thing that scares me

16. FINALLY try a pumpkin spice latte

17. Learn a new skill

18. Start and maintain a jar of positive things to have happened in the year

19. Take up reading again

20. Build up knowledge on a specific subject

21. Learn new recipes (and save money on takeaway pizzas)

5 thoughts on “21 Goals at 21

  1. I have also never seen any of the Harry Potter films or tried a PSL πŸ˜‚ All of these are great goals, I hope you’ve had the best birthday and the year ahead is wonderful ❀️


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