I didn’t actually plan a post for this – I just intended on acknowledging it and posting something else. But then I realised… this is the first blog that I’ve actually kept going for more than a few weeks/months! Yeah, there’s been some blips and empty weeks along the way, but I certainly didn’t think back when I started it on 24th November 2016 that I’d still be keeping it running a year later. I definitely having the blogging community, especially on Twitter, to thank for that – so thank you!

My blog started on Blogger, and I eventually moved to WordPress in June this year. So unfortunately my stats are kind of all over the place for the full year, but for now, these are my WordPress stats to date:

  • Views (total) – 1,618
  • Visitors – 953
  • Followers – 164
  • Most viewed post – REVIEW | L’Oreal Miss Baby Roll Mascara


I’ve put these stats here because I think it’d be really cool to compare them to when (if) I reach the two year mark – or even when I get to a year on WordPress! One of my goals from my 21 Goals at 21 post was to reach 300 followers by October-time next year, so if anything that would be a good one to work on!

For the next year, I hope to post a little bit more – even maybe once a week just because I’ll have my dissertation to work on and so it’d be a little difficult to try anything more! I also hope to maybe find a bit of a niche that I can fit myself into – right now I’m posting about a number of different topics, but I feel like I can’t market my blog as anything specific. Maybe that’s a good thing though! Finally, I’m going to aim to work on things like my photography – I try, but I feel I could make more of an effort to set out to take decent photos!


Thanks for all the support guys, wherever you read from. You’ve all had an impact on my motivation and determination to keep writing, and I’m so grateful for it 🙂 x

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