35 Blogmas Ideas!

If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen that I’ve decided to do Blogmas this year! It may turn out to be the worst decision ever given all my uni deadlines, upcoming exams, a dissertation to work on… anyway, I’m going to try at least!

To keep me going through the month, I’ve tried to plan ahead and make a list and briefing for each post so that I’m motivated and on track when it comes to writing them up. However, I’ve realised about halfway through that it’s actually quite difficult to come up with ideas! I’ve thought of many, but there’s an awful lot of topics that I either wouldn’t have much to write about, or I just feel doesn’t fit in with my blog (while I attempt to write about a wide range of things, I’m definitely not a leader in creating Christmas decorations!). So, I figured I’d share some ideas for those of you who might be struggling to find inspiration, or have become interested in taking part in Blogmas this year…


  1. Your typical Christmas day
  2. Your favourite Christmas films
  3. Your Christmas wishlist
  4. Christmas gift guides (for him, her, children, specific family members etc.)
  5. Which stores have announced deals/discounts in the run up to Christmas?
  6. Your Christmas party fashion guide
  7. A guide to the Christmas events in your area
  8. An easy-to-follow DIY Christmas decoration walkthrough
  9. Throwbacks to previous Christmases
  10. An insight into your preparations for Christmas
  11. A countdown of your top 10 Christmas songs
  12. Christmas dinner recipes
  13. Advent calendar updates (what did you get behind your window? etc etc)
  14. Discuss any Christmas traditions that you observe
  15. Christmas/Winter themed make up (palettes, lip shades etc.)
  16. What’s the weather like at Christmas-time in your location?
  17. Favourite Christmas/Winter candle scents
  18. Christmas jumpers – either positive or negative!
  19. A reflection on the last year (especially if you’re planning on writing past the 24/25 days!)
  20. Your thoughts on Christmas TV – fab or trash?
  21. A how-to on creating your own Christmas cards
  22. Winter accessories (hats, scarves, gloves etc.)
  23. Resolutions for the next year
  24. Show off your own decorating skills!
  25. Secret Santa gift suggestions
  26. Stocking fillers
  27. Tips to pass the holidays
  28. Mince pie recipes
  29. Best (and worst) Christmas presents through the years
  30. Winter home accessories
  31. Progress report on Christmas shopping/preparations
  32. Favourite things about Christmas
  33. Your understanding of the meaning of Christmas
  34. Festive nail designs
  35. How to do Christmas on a budget


Hopefully this will prove helpful to someone! Good luck to all taking part this year! 🙂


7 thoughts on “35 Blogmas Ideas!

  1. I didn’t know anything about blogmas, but you’ve got me looking into it now. I was struggling with holiday blog ideas, but then came up with the idea of writing about holiday movies and what my holiday movie would be like if I wrote and starred in one. I wish I had seen your list first, but I will save your page for my next post…and for blogmas ideas! Thanks for sharing and good luck with all you have going on.


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