Blogmas 2017 · Life

I Went Ice Skating!

So my Blogmas post today is a little different from the festive themes I’ve been trying to keep up… but there’s ice involved, so I’m still counting it!

Way back in my 21 Goals at 21 post, I set a list of things that I hope to achieve in my time as a 21 year old. One of those things listed was to attempt ice skating; growing up on an island meant that my chances of doing so were very, very slim, and when we visited the mainland, my mum would never let me try it out due to her not liking it on a school trip when she was a child. So, this was something that had troubled me right up until yesterday!

My university has started an ice hockey team, and they regularly visit a local ice rink to get their new members to practice skating for a couple of hours. It was suggested to me, and I became DETERMINED to tag along and try it out. It wasn’t until I had my skates on and started approaching the rink that I realised… I’m scared of ice. Like, really, really scared. Flashbacks of primary school started to play in my head, of snow days where the older kids would compact the snow into ice and push us little ones across it. I genuinely thought I was going to cry.

Alas, I did it! Admittedly, I held onto the sides for dear life for the first two laps, but I eventually managed to do one last one using a mixed technique of going for it and praying I wouldn’t fall, and clambering onto anyone I knew passing my way. Regrettably, I fear my childhood dream of becoming a figure skater may not come true.

Here’s some photos of me looking absolutely terrified for both proof and public entertainment:





Most likely to never go ice skating again… but goal 1 is complete!

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