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50 Blog Post Ideas

50 Blog Post Ideas - whathannahwrote

In the last few weeks, I’ve moved back home to Islay to work over the summer. Being away from the city – and therefore most of my social life – seemed like an opportunity to write and interact a lot more on here, but as of late I seem to have been hit with a lack of motivation. Most of that is probably to do with me starting to work full-time again (I haven’t had a schedule all year, help), but I also can’t help but feel that I don’t really have anything worth writing about. It’s totally frustrating, but I also don’t want to end up posting something of zero value just for the sake of it. I know that this is a stage other bloggers go through quite often, so I figured I’d spin it as a positive and try and come up with 50 kind of “general” blog post ideas that can try and combat that writers block. Here’s what I’ve come up with:

  1. What’s in my bag?
  2. “A day in the life” – your daily routine
  3. Songs that have had an impact on you
  4. Chat about the most-worn item of clothing in your wardrobe
  5. Your favourite travel destinations (domestic and international!)
  6. Get your social media followers to ask questions and do a response post
  7. Monthly must-have items (or all-time!)
  8. How you organise your blog/posts
  9. Favourite childhood memory
  10. Share a recipe
  11. Thoughts on a topical subject
  12. Your everyday makeup routine
  13. Reflect on a funny/embarrassing story that’s happened to you
  14. Wishlists
  15. Introduce us to your pet! (please)
  16. Ambitions or goals for the future
  17. Create a playlist
  18. Your tips for self-care
  19. Top five beauty products
  20. Reflect on your favourite inspirational quotes
  21. Favourite places to eat/drink
  22. Share some of your favourite outfits
  23. Advice for new bloggers
  24. Favourite scents
  25. Reading suggestions
  26. Travel diary for anywhere you visit
  27. List some bloggers you admire – share the love!
  28. Life lessons you’ve learned
  29. Review a favourite product
  30. Draw up a bucket list
  31. Chat about the place you come from
  32. Share an experience
  33. Photography tips
  34. Seasonal fashion advice
  35. Take up a new skill/hobby and document it
  36. An open letter
  37. Reflect on the previous month/year
  38. Gift ideas
  39. Goals for your blog
  40. General life updates
  41. Products that you regret buying
  42. Write about someone who inspires you
  43. Best budget makeup
  44. Home decor tips and tricks
  45. How you promote your blog
  46. “Top 10” lists
  47. Chat about any personal achievements, and how you came to achieve them
  48. Diary for any events you attend (e.g. music festivals)
  49. Set yourself a challenge and document it
  50. Items you can’t live without

Let me know if you find any of these useful! Feel free to bookmark or favourite or whatever so you can come back for ideas – I’ll probably end up adding on to the list!





  • Jaylan

    Love this post, you’ve got some great ideas which I’ll definitely be using for those times when I need some inspiration x

  • Hannah

    I’ve been in a bit of a blogging rut lately – but this post has really helped me out with ideas! x

    Han |

  • Rasya

    I absolutely love post lie this! A great cure for writing block.

    x Rasya |

  • Savannah

    Such good suggestions! Thanks for sharing x

  • E.m. Stevenson

    This is so helpful. I needed this and the blog post ideas are great! Thank you for the amazing content!!

  • Rebecca Louise D

    This is so helpful! Thank you for the inspiration!

  • Life With Han

    I love this post, will be perfect to refer back to if I’m ever lacking in inspiration! x

    Han |

  • stilljillblog

    Fabulous ideas, thanks! Jill ( x

  • ABackyardLife

    I totally needed this! I’ve struggled lately too…summer finally starting had had me super busy then the block sets in! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Beauty and Fashion

    Thanks for the ideas! Great list!

  • thoughtsbeforeme

    I love this, thanks for the ideas! I will definitely be using some of these when I am struggling for ideas.

  • Nancy

    I am always a sucker for those “x blog post ideas” posts! These are a lot of useful topics that can help bloggers pass through their bloggers block! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Nancy ♥

  • Hanna Mai

    Great post! This list has come at the perfect time haha I’m so stuck for blog post ideas at the moment, so hopefully this helps, thank you x

  • Chloe Burston

    This post came at just the right time for me as I’ve been so stuck for blog ideas! Some great ones here that have given me inspiration xx

  • Steph Hannam

    You have some great blog post idea here. Everyone goes through moments when they have writer block so this is a brilliant blog post. Will definitely take note of a few of these. Thanks for sharing x


  • lovecally

    Ooooh this is a great inspiration post, I’ve been slacking with my blog posts recently so this post is going to come in handy when I’m stuck for ideas! Thanks for all the brill ideas lovely!
    Love, Cally x

  • Aaliyah

    This post is really handy, sometimes I just go through a faze where I don’t have any idea on what to write will have to come pack to this! Great post x

  • Aaliyah

    I think I’m going to have to save this post because I sometimes just have a blank moment and not have one idea on what to write about so this is very helpful! Great post x

  • I do sometimes struggle for idea. Like, I have photos (mainly outfits) but don’t know what to write with them. Maybe I need to do the other way round! ahah. These are great suggestions!

  • lifeofshar

    I ALWAYS bookmark these types of blog posts and go back to them for inspiration. Amazing ideas, but I might have to give the reflecting on a embarrassing story a miss haha! Great post xx

  • thedaysofdaydreaming

    Thank you for the inspo! Definitely good to come back to when writer’s block hits! I wish more people did a “introducing my pet” post – I’d spend hours reading through them!! X

  • cabanas88

    That is so helpful, i always struggle to find something to write about im fairly new to blogging so i still have lots to learn! THANKS HUN great help.

  • Rachel Magennis

    I love these ideas, especially the idea of a meet my pet! Any opportunity to talk about my dogs or share photos of them, I’ll take! haha

    Rachel |

  • Emily May

    Thanks for some more ideas!! Think I may need to use this soon! 😊

  • The diary of Ellie

    Good inspiration for writers block!!

  • lizeindisneyland

    I love this post, thank you for the inspiration!

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