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A guide to Twitter retweet accounts for bloggers

a guide to twitter retweet accounts for bloggers whathannahwrote

Twitter can be the most helpful tool for blogging at times, and the exact opposite at others. The majority of my blog traffic comes from Twitter (I can’t work Pinterest for the life of me, soz), but at times I feel like I’m sending tweets into a vast pit of nothingness.

It’s totally frustrating – but if you’re the same, fear not. Angels in the form of Twitter retweet accounts take it upon themselves to help you get your content out there.

Retweet accounts are pretty self-explanatory; they retweet tweets to their own followers, usually when they’ve been tagged or a hashtag has been used. I think some bloggers worry about using them in case it’s viewed as “cheating” when trying to get blog views, but it’s far from it. They’re a fantastic way of expanding your reach, and can alert new traffic to your blog’s existence. It’s especially helpful if you’re just starting out in the blogosphere, or if you feel your Twitter following is a bit low. I totally would’ve given up on blogging if it hadn’t been for these accounts – it’s pretty deflating when you work hard on a post only for it to totally bomb.

So, in recognition of the work these guys do (voluntarily, too!) I’ve compiled a list of my faves. Each account follows different rules for a retweet, so make sure to check the info out – it’s usually in their bio.

guide to twitter retweet accounts.png

All follower numbers are accurate as of July 2019:

  1. @allthoseblogs – 9.1k followers
  2. @bloggerstribe – 22.6k followers
  3. @teacupclub_ – 5k followers
  4. @BloggersHut – 3.5k followers
  5. @Influencer_RT – 8k followers
  6. @theclique_uk – 7.7k followers
  7. @BBlogRT – 36k followers
  8. @BloggersSparkle – 9.3k followers
  9. @BloggingBabesRT – 4.5k followers
  10. @Cbeechat – 7.7k followers
  11. @TheBloggersPost – 6.3k followers
  12. @LovingBlogs – 27.9k followers
  13. @FemaleBloggerRT – 65.7k followers
  14. @Bloggeration_ – 20.8k followers
  15. @TheBloggerGals – 4.2k followers
  16. @LittleBlogRTs – 6.6k followers
  17. @sincerelyessie – 5.4k followers
  18. @TEAANDPOST – 2k followers
  19. @BestBlogRT – 3.2k followers
  20. @creatorshare – 3.5k followers
  21. @LbloggersChat – 18.2k followers

Remember, these accounts are all run on a voluntary basis – so don’t be too dismayed if you don’t get a retweet every time you tag or use a hashtag! Chances are your tweet has just been missed in a sea of notifications.

Also remember to mix it up! Don’t depend on the same account to retweet you all the time, because you’ll only be reaching the same people over and over again. Unless that works for you, of course! You can also include as many as you like in your tweets… though mind not to make it look too spam-y, or people might not be as drawn to the tweet!

And finally, make sure you keep your content quality up. Don’t just fall back on these guys to help you out; as I said before, it’s not a method of cheating blog views. Ensure that you’re still happy with what you’re putting out there 🙂


Let me know down below if there’s any retweet accounts you use that I might have missed out – and happy tweeting!



Featured image by Pineapple Supply Co. on Unsplash





  • Lucy-Kate

    Ah! I’ve been looking for a post like this! Thank you. I used to have an extensive list of RT accounts I’d compiled but I lost it!

    Lucy-Kate |

  • Becky

    Fab list! A few I hadn’t heard of – and I’ve also just made my own like last week! (@tbgww) x

    • whathannahwrote

      Aw amazing! I’ll give you a wee follow x

  • Emily Ann

    Thank you so much for the list! I was following a few of these, but not all of them! And I definitely don’t think using these accounts for retweeting is cheating at all. If it helps more people discover your blog, then why not?? Isn’t that the point?? Plus it’s bloggers helping other bloggers which I love <3

    Emily |

  • Meilifisayo

    This are good accounts for retweet’s I have a list of those that always retweet’s etc if interested find me on Twitter x

  • Sophie

    I’ve been lacking in the Twitter promotion area at the moment, but I was finding that I wasn’t getting retweeted much while using the same hashtags. Hopefully this list will help!

  • forfrancesca

    Thank you for sharing ❤️

  • deltadeathstorm

    This is great because sometimes I click on a Twitter account and it hasn’t been used in ages. Thank you!

    • whathannahwrote

      I was the same, I stopped sharing for a while and came back to realise I was tagging accounts that hadn’t retweeted in months! Glad it’s of use to you! 🙂

  • justnatonya

    Such a helpful list!!! Thank you for sharing 😁

    Retweet accounts provide such good help in reaching new people not only to read your blog but you discover new people to follow 👏🏾I never heard of creator share and lbloggerschat, will check those two accounts out real soon!

    Natonya |

  • whatjendidnext

    Love this definitely need some new ones!

  • Leeanne Mccarthy

    Some great advice

  • Steph Whyte

    I think your link to Tea Cup Club is not working?

    • whathannahwrote

      Oh heck, well spotted! Forgot an underline hahaha. Fixed now, thanks!!

  • Steph Whyte

    Thanks for this, There are a few on there that I didnt know about. Will give them a wee follow and use this list.

  • Ellie Phillips

    I’ve taken a bit of a break from blogging and noticed all the ones i used to use dont actually rt anymore so this is a massive help, thank you!

    • whathannahwrote

      Aw glad to be of help! 🙂 I was the same so that was the inspiration behind this haha!

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