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A reflection post, if you will

a reflection post if you will whathannahwrote

I don’t know where exactly the inspiration for this post came from, but I was having a think about the sort of posts I used to write on here; waaay back, when nobody was aware of my blog even existing and I had free reign to write whatever I wanted. That’s a bad thing, by the way.

I then remembered that I had written a “17 facts about me” post – why I opted for such a strange number, I’m not sure, but the point of the post was to offer a sort of introduction to myself. To no-one in particular, because again, nobody was aware of my existence. Anyway.

I figured I’d look back on some of the older posts (bad move) and found the piece in question. I cringed for a bit, but the one thing I properly took away from it was that quite a bit has changed since I wrote that post over two years ago. SO. Forgive me for doing this, but I’m going to revisit the 17 facts idea – by comparing then vs now in an all-new post. Some of these are actually awful, so be prepared…


1. My name is Hannah (no really)

My name is still Hannah. Really.


2. I’m 20 years old

Shocker that this one changed! I’m now 22 years old :(((


3. I live in Glasgow

At the time of writing, I do still live in Glasgow. I’ve moved twice since then though, so I’m in a different area!


4. I’m a student, studying my third year of BA (Hons) International Business.

Ooft. I’m still a student, but I’ve since graduated from that degree! I’m now studying for a Masters in Multimedia Journalism.


5. My last saved songs on Spotify include Lord of the Dance (With Taps), – hahaha sorry not sorry, it’s an absolute banger – Fade by Kanye West, and that song by Vaults on the John Lewis Christmas advert

I think my last saved options are quite possibly more varied than the last time: this time we have Dancing in the Dark by Micky Modelle (like the dance one y’know), Resistance by Muse… and I Know Him So Well. But not the original, or even the cover by Steps. The Peter Kay version. And I’m not sure why.


6. I have a really varied taste in music. Could you tell?

I’m assuming by now that you can tell.


7. My ultimate dream job would be to work for Radio 1. I’ve just always wanted to from the age of about 10, even though I’ve gone off on a completely different career track 

This is still true! But she’s got back on the correct career traaaack *dances*


8. I don’t think I’ve got to sleep before midnight since I was about 12; I’m in practically every other country’s time zone except the UK’s

HA. I’m writing this at 3.30am.


9. The one food/drink item I crave pretty much every day is Irn Bru, I practically live on it and I know it’s bad! (those last two points might be connected actually, oops)

Oh heck. I think I might have actually just shed a tear at this. Poor 2016 Hannah had no idea that only a year later, they would ruin Irn Bru forever. I stopped drinking it after they changed the recipe, once all the shops still stocking the old version ran out. My new thing right now is these orange ice lollies you get in the Co-op! 


10. I talk to EVERYONE. Especially on nights out, I will just stop and chat away and I don’t know if it’s a blessing or a curse

What’s a night out? *sobs* I do still talk to randoms on nights out, but I’m not out half as much as I used to be, if even that. Being a student journalist means I do now have to talk to everyone anyway, so it’s just kind of become the norm now!


11. I’m a huge Manchester City fan (and have been since birth, so no money comments please and thank you :))

I’m still a City fan! This will never change, but I wish I had the time to devote to them like I had before. I’m so out of the loop half the time and I feel like an awful supporter at the minute.


12. My favourite place to go on holiday is Turkey. I’ve been to Marmaris seven times now, twice this year! I love love love it

Aww, I do still love Turkey. But I haven’t managed to get back since that year, and they’ve since shut the hotel I stayed at every time. I’d love to see more of the world in the upcoming months/year, so this might change yet again…


13. I really don’t understand how anyone can eat mushrooms. How? I don’t get it

Not changed. Ew.


14. I hardly watch any TV but right now I am hooked on Pretty Little Liars. My life is pretty much revolving around it right now

I still don’t watch much TV! And I never actually got round to finishing PLL, but right now I’ve been watching easy things like Friends. I very recently got hooked on Bojack Horseman too?

15. I don’t know how many times I’ve dyed my hair in the last year. Right now I’m blonde, but I can never decide whether to go back to my natural brown, keep the blonde or go ombre and do a bit of both 

Right now, I’m my natural brown! After that answer I went ombre, then brown, then gradual blonde, then heartbreak-induced-do-something-spontaneous-terrifyingly-blonde, and now I’m back to brown. Just brown. Imma stop dyeing my hair.


16. I loooooove corgis and I’m desperate to have one

I still like corgis! At the time of writing that, I was dogless, so I really wanted to get a corgi. But then I went back home for Christmas and my parents decided to get a golden retriever, so I kind of forgot about my corgi wishes. Ellie has taken over! 


17. If I could, I would be a Disney Princess

I mean, that one was never going to change. I’m not sure why I included it as a fact mind you, but that one’s safe.


Awful. But they say reflection is important and all! What I’ve learned is that I’m now chasing after my life-long ambitions, I finally have a dog, and my taste in music is as shocking as ever. I’m happy with that!


Featured image by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash




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