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Alternative Advent Calendars!

alternative non-chocolate advent calendars

I’m going to admit something here… I’m not the biggest chocolate fan. I KNOW, I KNOW. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll eat as much chocolate cake as the next gal, but I’m very rarely ever in the mood to eat an actual block of chocolate! And of course, with Christmas just around the corner, talk is starting to build up on the subject of advent calendars – a topic which I usually sit out on because of my aforementioned evasion. So when I learned that there’s actually many different takes on advent calendars besides your usual Cadbury’s, I was very excited. Here’s a few of my faves!


PopaBall’s 12 Days of ‘Pimp Your Prosecco’ – PopaBall, £29.99


(Photo credit: PopaBall)

Prosecco seems to have really taken off recently as the drink of choice, and I am LIVING for it. No longer do my friends scoff at me when I pull out a bottle of sparkling wine on nights out… Of course, after a while you might start looking to make more adventurous efforts with your fizz – and this calendar is the perfect way to start! Packed with bubbles, straws, and rose gold shimmer (for NYE, no less), the calendar is a sure-fire way to add some magic to your drinks.



Haribo Advent Calendar – £4.99, B&M


(Photo credit: B&M)

While I may not like chocolate all that much, I CAN eat my body weight in gummy sweets (I’m actually eating a packet of Starmix while I’m typing this; my love for Haribo knows no bounds). With a selection of Haribo sweets for every day in the countdown to Christmas, this is a great choice for those with a sweet tooth for something else!



SF Winter WonderGLAM – Benefit, £34.50


(Photo credit: Benefit)

A Benefit product. Every day. For 12 days. I feel like I don’t even really need to justify this one… So many fab products for such a low price too! Gaaaah.



Liz Earle’s The Twelve Days of Christmas Beauty Advent Calendar – John Lewis, £66.00


(Photo credit: John Lewis)

I’ve talked about my love for Liz Earle’s skincare range before, so I was super excited to find out that they’ve released an advent calendar containing 12 days’ worth of amazing products! Including minis of their skincare items, a fragrance, and a selection of accessories for use when pampering yourself, this is a great little treat for use over the Christmas period – or even as an introduction to the brand!



2017 Advent Book – Yankee Candle, £34.99


(Photo credit: Yankee Candle)

Growing up with a mother who was (was, she’s not as bad now) borderline obsessed with QVC, I was no stranger to Yankee Candle as a child. I now live next to one of their Glasgow stores, and so the big love has only continued to the next generation. My all-time favourite time to be around their stores is at Christmas (big up to Christmas Cookie, u da best xoxo); while they have two advent calendars out this year, I’ve chosen this one based on the fact that it has a bigger variation of different sizes and scents. So many pretty Christmas-y smells!



Pringles 12 Days Advent Calendar – B&M, £7.99


(Photo credit: B&M)


A 40g tub of Pringles every day for 12 days. Just picture it. Beautiful.



Gin Advent Calendar – The Pip Stop, £99.00


(Photo credit: The Pip Stop)

Fun fact: a good number of those who think they don’t like gin are in fact put off by the tonic they’ve mixed it with, and go on to believe it’s the taste of the gin that they didn’t enjoy. Truth. So, what better way to explore what the world of tonics can offer than with this calendar? A bottle of The Lakes Gin at the start of the month allows you to try out 24 different tonics, ensuring a very Merry Christmas!





  • tvaddict4life

    It’s great to see some different calendars other than chocolate 🍫 & beauty 💄 definitely have Popaball, Haribo & Pringles on my list!

  • PAE Reviews

    I admit that I’m not really a chocolate fan either. I like it with other things but by itself, it’s kind of meh. The Yankee Candle advent calendar sounds really nice.

  • Bookinggoodread

    Some great alternative. Prosecco and Pringle one look ideal for me and my boys would love Haribo one! X 💕

  • Lena Dee

    These are such cool Advent cals….like I didn’t even know some of these existed….great gift idea!

  • Moonsomnia

    I’m obsessed with smellies so I’d take the Yankee Candle one any day! Love it 😁 Alrhough, the pop the prosecco one looks great too!


  • Katie Henry

    These are amazing! Advent calendars have been such a trend this year, I honestly can’t choose between them.

    • whathannahwrote

      I’m the total same! I actually started this list because I was finding it so difficult to weigh them all up haha!

  • Rebecca Rose

    I did not know that harribo did an advent calender! Awesome! Id love the gin advent calendar or the Liz Earle one! xx

  • Elspeth for the Win

    These are really cool alternatives to the everyday advent calendars! Thanks for sharing these.

  • Katie

    The haribo one looks great! Most of all I want the yankee candle one though. I had their one last year and I loved it.

    • whathannahwrote

      They’re so fab! I love having them just to burn when I’ve tidied up or when doing uni work, so having a wee stock is great!

  • alwaysopinionatedgirl

    These sound like some great advent calendars! I could definitely see myself getting both the benefit makeup and haribo – shame most of these are sooo expensive! Great post! xx

  • nushablog

    This is so clever ! I’m actually thinking about getting myself one non-chocolatey one 😀

  • hayley192

    I love the idea of all these advent calendars, I have a Jack Wills one this year but I definitely want to go and check out some of the ones you have mentioned. Great post!! X – @HayleyxLunn

  • Ashleigh Taylor

    Ooh I love the idea of a Haribo advent calendar or a Pringles advent calendar! X

    Ashleigh |

  • Caitlin Houston

    I have been looking for an advent calendar recently, great post x

  • Corinne and Kirsty

    This prosecco calendar looks so amazing! and that pringle one! OMG! Dream! way better than chocolate ones I agree! xx corinne

  • CarolineBlogsx

    How did you do this snow in your background? Soo so pretty!! x Can I just say, that I’m in love with this Pringles advent calendar. YUMMY.

    • whathannahwrote

      Heh heh, it was just a gif I found and got to repeat in the background! I was pretty chuffed with myself hahaha! The Pringles one is definitely a huge maybe for me 🙈

  • _itsmecolin

    Great post Hannah ☺

    I’ve never considered an alternative advent calendar before, but that Pringles one has certainly caught my eye 😀 I may need to double it up though to get 24 days 😝

    • whathannahwrote

      Hahahaha good idea! My first thought was “oh, only 12 days of Pringles” 😂😂

      • _itsmecolin

        Yeah, much more than 12 needed 😂 Second one can be a countdown 😉

  • missandrada

    Thank you for this post! I’m looking for a cool advert calendar too. The options are really good – seriously thinking to get the Prosecco and Benefit ones 🙋🏻 #guilty
    Let’s connect our blogs – just followed you

    • whathannahwrote

      The prosecco one is definitely a high possibility for me!
      Followed back ☺️

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