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An April catch-up

Bonjour. It’s been a while!

I’ve probably got a page’s worth of a long succession of “hi, I’m still here posts”, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed that it’s taken me this long to even get round to writing anything on this blog for the last wee while. The last post was in February, and to be honest, it’s been a bit of a mad couple of months since then, so I can only apologise for not having posted in the meantime.

So, where to start in this catch-up? I’m currently at home, taking a wee break between my classes finishing last week and my work experience/exams starting next week. I CANNOT believe that’s me finished the teaching period for my Masters. I still have all my exams and then a whole project (well, two really) to go, but I’m getting closer to having to face becoming an adult and getting a “real” job! I’m really happy to have even got to this stage of my studies – to say it’s been a struggle is quite the understatement, but the end is nigh!

I’ve also had a house move. Bit of a long story, but after having only moved in in October, my landlords decided to move in their son with just 28 days’ notice. So, myself and Ally found ourselves upping and leaving with absolutely no warning and in the middle of my study-stressing. Thankfully we found a very charming little place in a lovely neighbourhood, so we’ve actually landed on our feet if anything. But yeah, a lot of stress and panic there (you’ll know about that if you follow me on Twitter!). Those two aspects have pretty much been my main reason for being so quiet on here!

I’ve also just handed over my positions on both the cheerleading committee and the university’s sports council. It’s been a weird mixture of relief and sadness? I’ve been very much in denial about not being a student any more soon – I went through it all last year, but I knew I was returning for a Masters. I am 100% not doing a PhD, so this is like the final goodbye. I organised our annual Sports Ball two weeks ago, and was very proud of that! So hey, I managed to keep one project going, at least.

I’ve just got back from spending Easter weekend down in Manchester, catching the football with my dad. It was a much needed break – more so than just being able to switch off from uni for a couple of days. I think amongst all the stress from uni, and being distracted by lots of other wee things, I’d kind of lost focus on… well, everything really. So bless my dad, he got me on a tram to MediaCity out in Salford (my featured image – how pretty is it!?) and reminded me exactly why I’m doing what I’m doing. That, as well as attending the City game on the Saturday, has given me a little push to keep going with my course and then, hopefully, finally get down to Manchester! That’s if there’s any journalists being sought, of course. I mean, Manchester isn’t the be all and end all, but it would mean it would be worth buying a season ticket, so if ever there was a reason to get my head down…

Next week I’m off to do some work experience with a newsroom in a local radio station, so I’m v excited for that! If not ever-so-slightly nervous. This will be my first time doing radio work outwith a classroom setting, so hopefully it’ll all go well! Then it’s straight into exams, so hopefully this won’t be the last post for another two months :)))))




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