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Another Life Update…

another life update whathannahwrote cheerleader

I feel like I gave enough warning about the fact that I’d be on here less as my degree comes to an end… but I still feel insanely guilty as the days since my last post increase. Plus, there’s only so many times I can tweet about my P.S. Pro oval brushes review from a year ago. So, here’s a little life update for y’all!

It’s been a bit of a mad few weeks for me. Making big life decisions, applying for jobs, running around like mad trying to meet deadlines and dedicate time to training for competitions… team that up with my insane lethargy at the minute, and it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster! Not that I expected any less from Honours year, but I thought I’d have at least tried to change my laid-back ways.


So, what’s been happening?

I’ve applied to do an MA in Journalism. I know, I finally did it. After about 9 years of dreaming and 4 years of doing a totally unrelated undergraduate degree, I’ll hopefully be a journalism Masters student come September. I still need to be accepted of course, so lets not hold our breath…

I FINALLY STARTED MY DISSERTATION. I still really need to get a move on with it, but it’s started and I’m officially 2000 words better off than I was this time two weeks ago. Starting to stress a little bit, but it’s better than the lack of emotion I felt towards it for so long!

I got to see my dog again. It turns out she’s even more like a little baby than she was the last time I visited home…

golden retriever puppy dog whathannahwrote

I’m blonde again! Maybe not the biggest life change, but it is for me. I always feel so much more confident with blonde hair, which in turn makes me veeeery happy. I haven’t repeated the DIY bleach incident again (thank God) but I did dip dye it myself, so slap on the wrist. But I think it’s worked out okay!

I did my first full performance with my cheerios this week! GCU Wolves Cheerleaders performed at Scotstoun for the Glasgow Taxis Cup results ceremony and we totally crushed it in my humble opinion hahaha. Such a buzz! It’s mad how much doing these performances has helped my usual nervousness – this was probably the first time I didn’t feel like I was going to melt into a puddle of nerves beforehand!

GCU Wolves Cheerleading cheerleaders glasgow caledonian

Credit: GCU Wolves Cheerleading (also I’m second from the right at the back hahaha)


I bought a TRNSMT ticket, ooh yeah. I was gutted I didn’t get to go last year, but holy smokes am I excited to have got tickets to this year’s mad line-up. I’m getting to see Brian May and Roger Taylor!!! Ad The Darkness! AND ARCTIC MONKEYS. So many teenage concert aspirations all coming together at once <3


Okay, so not as chaotic when it’s actually all written down! But there ya go, all caught up xo





  • Lena Dee

    Ouuu I find it absolutely so cool that you cheerlead! I always wanted to when I was younger but we’re not big on cheerleading here in my country. Only recently did we get into it. I’m so happy you took the plunge to apply for something you’ve always wanted babe! Best wishes moving forward. PS cute dog 🐶

    xx Lena |

  • New York Cliche

    So many good things!! CONGRATS on applying for your MA in Journalism!! I’ve been thinking I might want to do that myself! So you’re inspiring! I am also right with you on hair color – I’m more confident as a blonde too – bet you were like me and grew up blonde, yeah? Such a weird identity crisis when it turned to dishwater color at puberty! You are brave for dying it yourself, salons are so expensive though!

    • whathannahwrote

      Aw thank you! Hahaha I actually only had blonde hair until I was about two, and then I grew up with kind of brownish-red hair which I think pushed me to want to be blonde even more! I said I’d never bleach it myself again, but I seem to have gotten away with it…

  • Nancy

    Good luck with your job hunting experience! Pretty cool that you’re majoring in journalism! Even though you have a lot on your plate, you’ll power through it all without any problems ;).

  • hudapervez

    Love these types of life updates posts! Best of luck with your dissertation! xx

  • keepingupwithMJ

    Wow! Seems like a lot has happened. Super happy for you. Hope you get into your MA Journalism program. You’ll be great 🌞

    • whathannahwrote

      Aw, thank you! 🙂

  • Bexa

    That’s so exciting about deciding to do the masters, fingers crossed for you Hannah! 💕 Also, your doggie is so adorable, that’s such a cute picture! Good luck with your dissertation too 😘 xx

    Bexa |

    • whathannahwrote

      Thank you! xx

  • Its so good that you got to see the pupper again, she’s so adorable! I can’t imagine being away from my fur babies for that long so I don’t know how you did it!

    • whathannahwrote

      It breaks my heart having to leave her all the time! She gets so happy when I come home, sadly it’s only ever for a random weekend at the moment 🙁

  • Hannah

    I totally relate in terms of dissertation. I have 2 weeks to bash out the entire 4000 word project because life has just been so hectic as of late. I wish you luck! xx

    • whathannahwrote

      I’m glad I’m not the only one then! Good luck to you too! xx

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