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Divinely uninspired to a hellish extent

Lewis Capaldi, please do not sue me for copyright infringement pls and thank you.

Hopefully, the irony that I copied an album title for the title of a post on lacking inspiration is not lost. I wanted to write about this, but I genuinely couldn’t think of a title for the life of me.

And for quite some time now, I haven’t been able to come up with decent post ideas, either. Of course, I’ve been super busy over the last year, and the blog took a bit of a back seat. But there’s been many times where I’ve sat down, thought “I’ll spend this time on the blog”, and shut my MacBook five minutes later. My blog wasn’t exactly bursting with high-quality content before, but at least I could come up with ideas and publish them. Every time I sat down and tried to write something out, I’d cringe and delete it all.

I’m not entirely sure what’s gone on; at first I blamed it on my course, because writing stories was like a break away from everything I used to do on my last degree. Suddenly, it became part of my coursework every week, and so it became a bit of a chore. I started getting trained up on communicating the stories of others to the world, and so slowly I started to feel that anything I wanted to say wasn’t really all that interesting to everyone else, too. Honestly, the amount of times I’ve started writing a post and then gone “why on earth would anyone want to read this?” has reached ridiculous numbers at this point.

All the posts I’ve had on here since February (and even some before that, actually) have been along the lines of “I’m still here, I’m just focusing on other things” – and while that is true, the only reason I repeatedly felt the need to update on how busy I was pretty much every month was because I felt insanely guilty for not writing anything interesting. And yes, this is kind of like another one of those posts, but this is me admitting that any sort of creativity I had before seemed to have disappeared for a while there. I’m not promising that it’ll come back (that’s up to you to decide), but I felt the need to put it out there.

There is a point to this post, however, and it is this: taking time out when you recognise you no longer enjoy or feel good about something is incredibly healthy and not at all bad like I’ve been thinking it was. The last few weeks, I’ve taken time to just sit and be more active on Twitter and Instagram. I dipped in and out of Twitter, but I let my Instagram fall behind too. Regrettably, this means that my engagement pretty much sucks on there right now, but I can’t be too surprised at that given my lack of effort. Just by taking a few days to reflect on my social media presence, I’ve managed to become way more passionate about blogging – basically back to how I was way back when. It’s a relief, because it’s hella scary when you start to lose an interest in something you once loved. I’ve even made tiny little changes to the ‘gram and now I’m really excited to get out and about getting some pretty photos to upload.

And look at that! Another post, and one that actually ended up being the easiest one to write in quite a while. Although sorry once again to Lewis for the whole title thing.



Photo by Plush Design Studio on Unsplash




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