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Hello, 2019!

hello 2019 whathannahwrote

Just quickly before I start – how futuristic does “2019” sound!?

Anyway, it’s 2019! And what better way to start another year on the blog by looking ahead to what this year has in store? Bearing in mind that I’m on a goal-making ban

I felt that 2018 was going to be quite an uncertain time, but it turns out that this year is actually even more so… I can genuinely say that I have no idea what I’ll be doing come the end of the year. My masters degree finishes in August, so I’m obviously hoping to be working in the journalism industry in some way by then. But that’s all I know thus far really! Oh, and the fact that I’m hoping to be graduating in November, of course :)))))

I’ve also decided that this is 100% the year to see new places. If I ever travel abroad, I seem to go to the same places – I’ve been to the same part of Turkey seven times, and in the same hotel for five of those trips. I’m always so jealous when I see people travelling for even just a long weekend! There’s often last-minute sales on flights through the year, so I want to start making the most of having zero responsibilities holding me back from exploring a bit!

What I do know for a fact is that this is going to end up being a really stressful year – at least, for the first half. I thought that last year was going to be bad with my dissertation, but the next few months look set to be pretty hectic! After spending last semester not really getting a chance to write much on here, I’m determined to try and keep up to date with all things blogging. I mean, why not add to the stress…?

But above all – if you ignore how cheesy this is going to be – I’m hoping that 2019 will bring a lot more happiness. The first half of last year wasn’t great, and so I want to make sure that this year is a lot brighter. Aside from graduation and (possible) travelling, having a good 2019 is the big hope for this year!

I hope everyone had a fab and restful festive period… and that the return to normality isn’t too painful for y’all! xo





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