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Hello, again

Sooo… long time no speak!

I am well aware that this is my first post of November, and that I seemed to crash and burn halfway through Blogtober. As much as I hate to admit it, I just haven’t had the time to even so much as check my Twitter in the last month or so.

I don’t want to blame it on my new course… but it’s down to my new course. Suddenly, content creation is my homework and exams – and that means I’m less willing to sit and spend my spare time doing the same thing on here. I love my blog to pieces, but it all gets a bit much sometimes, and unfortunately it has been the one to suffer as a result. Likewise, I love writing, and I thought I would thrive on a course that expects me to do it all the time… but it’s bloody tiring!

I very much doubt that anyone in particular has been sitting on my website for the last month, questioning my whereabouts and when I was likely to start posting again. But I felt the need to write this post for my own sake, because it’s been doing my head in knowing that my uploads history will have nothing to show for November. Don’t even get me started on my view count…

I’m too scared to say that normal posting will resume from here on in, because I know that hand-ins and coursework will only get worse (who decided to do a masters again?). I’m determined to turn this blog back into an enjoyable hobby, so perhaps holding myself to content isn’t the best option at this moment in time. Just know that I haven’t forgotten about this site, and I’m just going through a little writing blip that I’m sure will sort itself out over time 🙂

Much love!





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