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How to Wear Glitter When You’re No Longer a Child…

How to wear glitter

I was 100% a child who lived for Christmas. Not because of Santa Claus, all of the food in the house, or the holidays from school… It was glitter. Glitter was my main reason – any other time of year just didn’t permit the need for everything to be covered in the stuff. It drove my mum mad having to constantly follow her small child around with a hoover, but I was in my element. And while I’ve since grown out of certain festive customs at the age of 21, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t still practically bathe in it as soon as December rolls around. Here are some of my tips for pulling it off without looking like you’ve just come straight out of a high school dance:


giphy (1).gif



As featured at London Fashion Week earlier this year, glitter eyes are still a strong trend. Whether you opt to play it safe with a shimmery eyeshadow or test out your MUA skills with a pot of loose glitter, this is a popular choice for both day and night wear. There’s also some fab glitter eyeliners out there!



Shimmery highlighter, that’s all I’m saying. #glow



Remember heading to Claire’s for a can of glitter hair spray before your school Christmas discos? I’m petitioning to bring it back. The glitter roots trend is also still alive and well, albeit splitting opinions… Or if that isn’t your thing, hair tinsel is a little bit more subtle (and very pretty).



When I said I bathe in glitter, I literally meant “bathe”. There’s a number of bath bombs out there that are full of glitter, giving you a slight sparkle as a result. Annoying to get rid of afterwards, but pretty to look at in the meantime!



While glitter nails are admittedly quite early-noughties, they’re still capable of being fashionable. Glitter tips are a subtle but gorgeous way to pull this off!



Accessories and footwear are obviously a very easy way to achieve this; otherwise, a number of brands have started to stock a lot of glitter and sequin-adorned pieces this season. With red being the “in” colour just now, you’ll be looking as sparkly and festive as ever!


**This post was originally written by myself for The EDIT, GCU’s student magazine. Consent was given to re-post on here!**





  • theessenceofred

    I love glitter bath bombs, I get them from Lush and they leave my bathroom in such a mess but I feel like a goddess afterwards, I also have the shimmy, shimmy bar that makes my look like a glitter goddess too!
    Ffi | The Essence of Red

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