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My 2 Litre Water Challenge

Bottle of Nestle Pure Life water with "my 2 litre water challenge" in blue text box

Pre-Challenge – Sunday

I swore at the start of the summer that I would make a positive change in my life. But, as things always seem to go with me, I’m now three months into that period of “change” and nothing’s actually changed. I got a fringe cut in and hoped that would count, but I’m not letting it.

I realised just how quickly time was passing by, and I totally freaked out. I was supposed to be the epitome of health upon my return to university, and yet this morning I had some Haribos for breakfast. Reflecting on this, I’ve realised something: my diet is the WORST.

I’m not talking about having little guilty snacks here and there – my sugar intake is actually appalling. I’m not putting myself in a good light here, but I swear I’ve got some sort of issue with Irn Bru – easily consuming a 1L bottle of luminous orange liquid in the space of half an hour cannot be a good thing, and when your only barrier to drinking it every day is simply because you’ve moved home to a rural island and need to drive 40 minutes every time you buy it, you need to stop and really question yourself! I also drink an awful lot of fresh orange juice, which makes me feel like I’m being healthy but I really know is full of sugar, and coffee when I’m at work; black coffee, with about two spoons and then three sugars. My mother is a diabetes nurse, and her reaction to my intake actually concerns me a little bit. Change is a’calling, drastically!

For this reason, my first port of call in my big lifestyle shake-up is to replace all this caffeine with the good old recommended daily 2L of water. This would be so simple to so many people, and I know I could do this alongside my usual (albeit decreased) intake. But I hate water. Don’t ask, I just do; I like to make things difficult for myself. So in doing this, I’m hoping positive effects will spur me on to stop viewing it as a challenge, and to make it just a normal thing! In order to keep myself feeling upbeat about it, I’m going to complete a week’s diary to see how I get on.

Here we go gif


Day 1 – Monday

My first hurdle came about when I realised we actually have no still water at work – our tap water can be a bit iffy over here, so I wouldn’t really chance it. So, that set me back a little! Eventually picked up a bottle at lunch, so my total intake today has been 1.5L. Not the start I was looking for, but I did stay away from any fruit juice, Irn Bru AND coffee which is pretty big for me. Only downside was that I was pretty zombie-like at work, and I ended up getting a horrible headache around 3pm which still hasn’t gone away as I get ready for bed now – mum’s suggesting it’s a withdrawal headache, which doesn’t sound too great, but will push through nonetheless!

giphy (2)


Day 2 – Tuesday

I mean, I wasn’t expecting results right away… but where was my clear skin and upbeat attitude to waking up this morning? I didn’t get a good sleep, so struggling through the day without my caffeine fix was less than ideal, plus that headache is still there… I also totally forgot that I already have the bladder of an 80 year old as it is! Still, I managed the 2L finally, so hopefully things will pick up soon!

Sheldon Cooper master of my own bladder lying in bed gif


Day 3 – Wednesday

Hump day. Started off the morning absolutely exhausted, so the thought of no coffee killed me! Got to work and aimed to have finished my first 500ml by 10am – succeeded! I eventually picked up through the day, and actually ended up feeling very positive which definitely isn’t something I normally achieve without my caffeine fix. My only downfall was that as part of work, I had to judge a cocktail competition for some of our visiting bartenders, so I did have to break my water streak briefly… Not that I was complaining!


Day 4 – Thursday

Started off my morning by finishing a 500ml bottle without even thinking; very impressed with myself! Had a wee day out and about the island, so I wasn’t sitting around the office to drink… I was also very aware that my shocked bladder wouldn’t thank me if I continued my drinking in the middle of a barley field, so I made sure I was getting my drinking in when I’d return to my desk for a while. Seems to be getting a little easier!

Lindsay Lohan mean girls gif


Day 5 – Friday

I inspected my skin while I was doing my make-up today… I wasn’t expecting much of a change in such a small amount of days, but it’s certainly cleared up a little bit since Monday! I also realised upon finishing my third 500ml of water that I was suddenly finding it a lot easier to just drink without really thinking about it; beforehand, I was viewing it as more of a task rather than just a normal thing I should be doing every day. I’m honestly so glad about this, because it’s good to know that I now (hopefully) won’t struggle with the thought of just drinking it!

I feel like this is a good place to leave the diary, for now at least. Here’s hoping things continue!






  • TeaPartyPrincess

    But Irn-Bru is an acceptable substitute for blood in your system, yes?
    Good luck with your water challenge! Eventually it will become second nature to guzzle down a wee bottle of water.
    Fun fact – I just drank 500ml water reading this. Probably not the best idea so close to bed time.
    Cora ❤

    • whathannahwrote

      I hope so, that’s most likely what’s in there just now!
      Hahaha, I always end up drinking a bottle right before bed! Constantly my downfall! x

  • Amy

    It would seem I’m quite lucky to actually like drinking water haha. I’m so bad with eating sugary food and having sugary drinks though – when you know it’s there it’s just too tempting because it’s also the super tasty stuff, haha. Good luck with your challenge! Xx

    • whathannahwrote

      That’s my exact problem, I have no self-control with sugary things haha! Thank you! xx

  • This is a great challenge. I have just started drinking water again recently, but that’s through having bad heartburn. I think I will join you in this, it is a really good idea, and a good start to getting healthier. Keep going with it 💪☺

  • Everydaylifegirl

    Oh, this post has made me want to drink more water! I enjoyed reading this 🙂 I remember when I was younger I never drank water at all. I didn’t enjoy the taste of it. I only had water when brushing my teeth, but otherwise never. Back in 2015, I made the decision to start to drink water and take it seriously. At first, I was hesitant, but it was my goal and I stuck with it. I became obsessed with it! Fast forward to 2016, then I was still drinking water but I fell back into the comfort of old lovers 😛 Soda/fruit juices/milk and coffee. I drank water, but not that much in 2015. Now, in 2017, then it sort of fluctuates my water intake but I am trying. This post is what I needed!

    • whathannahwrote

      Aw, I’m glad it’s served as some sort of motivation! I was completely the same, I refused to drink it as a child so I never really found it a “normal” thing to do! Hopefully I won’t fall back into the trap of those old lovers too soon!

  • Jazz

    Omg. Thank you for admitting you don’t like water!! I don’t either and my camel of a water drinking boyfriend thinks I’m crazy for it. Anyways, this is a great idea to up the water intake… May give this a go too

    • whathannahwrote

      I’m glad someone else is the same! Everyone tells me I’m crazy seeing as it doesn’t actually taste of anything, but I could just never make myself drink it at all haha!

  • aspoonfulofevie

    I had a go at the 2L water challenge but only lasted a few days! Good luck! x

    • whathannahwrote

      At least you tried! I normally give up on things after a few days, but I’m determined to keep this one up haha!

      • aspoonfulofevie

        Haha same, maybe I’ll have to try again! I’m pretty new to the blogging world but I’d love you to check my blog out! X

        • whathannahwrote

          It’s definitely a positive step!
          Took a wee look at your blog, it looks like you’re off to a fab start! Given you a follow! 🙂 x

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