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My Biggest Phobias…

Something I seem to have become somewhat known for by those who know me IRL is my weird list of phobias.

I mean, I don’t find them weird, but I’ve been told that they’re a) pretty obscure and b) abundant. The latter I will agree with; there’s so many that I will genuinely forget about my fear of it until it occurs or appears. So, in the spirit of Halloween and all, I figured I’d list off the fears that I can recall – some of which may need further explanation…

1. Clowns. Pretty normal, I’d say. Though it was McDonald’s own Ronald McDonald (specifically from an advert in the 1950s) who started that one off.

2. Spiders

3. Hulls of boats. Only that part specifically. I couldn’t jump the pier when I was younger if there was a boat there – the thought of being level with it was too much.

4. Mice, rats, basically any rodents

5. Chickens. Chickens make me nervous.

6. The underneath of cars. Do they have a name? I can’t even look at them when they’re exposed, let alone stomach the thought of working underneath one or something. *shudders*

7. Cows

8. Old ruins. Of which there are a lot back home. Nope nope nope.

9. Noo Noo from the Teletubbies. Yeah, the hoover. I had a toy one as a child and he scarred me for life. Lots of tears, then and now.

10. Furbies. Similar story.

11. Mashtuns. Something I developed while my father was a mashman for a distillery. Quite a niche one, I’ll admit.


13. Those “WARNING” things at the end of DVDs about copyright. Silent, menacing, terrifying.

14. The dark

15. Balloons being popped

So, that’s actually quite a short list of some of my phobias – if I’d continued, I genuinely don’t know how long the list would end up being.

Does anyone else have any random or obscure fears? Let me know!!





  • TeaPartyPrincess

    I have a kind of general fear of pain which effects almost everything I do, so basically if it could hurt me then I’m afraid of it.
    Like long grass. I’m terrified of long grass. What if there’s a hole and I break my ankle? Or a snake and it bites me?
    Cora |

  • The diary of Ellie

    I hate popping balloons and rodents too!

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