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Blogmas 2017

My Christmas Wishlist…

“What do you want for Christmas this year?” is probably one of my most dreaded questions in the run-up to Christmas- not in the sense of being ungrateful, but just because I really struggle to come up with things I’d want. I’m very much an impulse buyer; I won’t regularly set out to buy something specific for myself, but I’ll instantly snap up items when I spot them!

This year’s even harder because in previous years – quite possibly around 15 years in total – my answer was always “a dog”. My parents would always roll their eyes, and they’d end up getting me something I’d actually mentioned weeks/months prior that I’d forgotten about… until last year, when they did actually tell me we were getting a dog later that winter. I tried using “another dog” this year, but it didn’t go down well, especially straight after Ellie chewed off the corners of mum’s coffee table. So, I’ve ended up drawing up a list of things I’d like – I’ve reached a point where I feel like I’ve got everything I need, so it’s pretty short compared to previous years! Some of them are actually practical just because I’m at a boring “adult” age now, so please don’t judge certain items…!


A laptop case

I desperately need a laptop case – I got a new MacBook for my 21st (the rose gold one, holla) but I’m always terrified in case it gets scratched when I’m carrying it in my bag to uni. Practical!


A USB adapter for said MacBook


(Photo credit: MobileFun)

I’d heard all about the outcry with the removal of the headphone jack in new iPhones; what I was not aware of was the lack of USB and HDMI ports in the new MacBooks. What’s up with that!? I love how sleek it is, but I miss being able to back up files to a USB stick or even charging my phone on it. I’ve spotted adapters to overcome this issue, so this is high up on my list!


Lumee Duo phone case


(Photo credit: Lumee)

I totally didn’t buy into the whole “light-up” product thing until my parents got me a light-up mirror last year, and I realised the huge difference it made when applying make up. Now, I’m determined to get a light-up phone case – especially when I only have one semester of uni student selfies left!


Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette


(Photo credit: Beauty Bay)

THIS PALETTE. I use it all the time, but it’s actually my flatmate’s – it works well until I have to go back home for some time and I suddenly don’t have it to hand any more!


A slow cooker

This is the one I expect to be judged on! Slow cookers are so fab – we used to have one in our old flat, but it belonged to my flatmate so she took it when she left. It was so great being able to make casseroles and stuff without having to constantly watch the pot. Damn it.


Chilly’s water bottle


(Photo credit: Chilly’s)

Remember my “2 Litre Water Challenge” post? That went well till I reverted back to my old student ways, and now I need to try and make myself drink water again. My plan? I need a snazzy water bottle that will motivate me to fill it up and drink from it all the time. No, really. I’ve seen so many bottles like this style and I’ve come to love them, so this is my planned method for hydrating myself once more!






  • CherishingFLo

    THAT water bottle is on my list too! My list is actually like 2 things. The older you get, the less your seem to want for Christmas!

  • theessenceofred

    My partner actually got me a laptop skin and a laptop case for Christmas! I’ve also just treated myself to a couple of makeup bits and bobs this Christmas.
    Ffi | The Essence of Red

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