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My Favourite Things About October

While I don’t necessarily love the colder days and darkness falling earlier in the day, I do love the month of October. It’s just kind of a nice little period between the fun from summer and all the excitement at Christmas, dontcha think!? It’s just always kind of been a given for me that I’ll look forward to October starting, so I figured I’d sit and actually think about why I love it!


1. It’s my birthday month! As much as I’ve started to slightly despise the thought of my birthday now that I’m no longer working my way to 18…

2. It’s time for crunchy leaves on the ground. I laaaav seeing all the oranges and reds and yellows all lying everywhere.

3. It’s finally acceptable to start wearing big jumpers again. Of course, it’s totally up to personal taste as to whether you want to wear them all year round (I kind of do anyway just cause I’m in Scotland), but it’s like a widespread thing again! Yay!

4. Similarly, I love the coats and jackets that come out in shops right about now. I’m always looking for a new coat no matter the season, but I’m never disappointed in the A/W options.

5. I know that the next big thing (after my birthday, of course) is Christmas! I know Halloween’s obviously at the end of the month, but I can’t say I’m a big fan… however

6. TOFFEE APPLES ARE IN THE SHOPS. I could honestly live off of toffee apples. I mean, I’m sure there’s probably a health warning against doing that, but still. Nothing makes me sadder than the arrival of November 1st and the sudden lack of toffee apples in the supermarkets. Boooo.


Let me know below what you love (or don’t love!) about October!






  • Sophie

    October’s my favourite month of the year, so I loved this post! I moved from the midlands to Cardiff for uni this year and it’s definitely a lot warmer here and it’s ~only just~ got cold enough to wear big cosy jumpers, but they’re definitely my favourite item of clothing.
    Lots of love,
    Sophie x

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