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My Top 10 Guilty Pleasure Songs!

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My Spotify playlists are on private for a very, very good reason.

I know a lot of people say they listen to obscure, old songs at times, and I love that. But I personally believe that if you can afford to listen to your choice of music through speakers instead of attempting to shield it away from public listening with the use of earphones, then it’s just not bad enough.

This list is my top 10 guilty pleasure songs, and it was insanely hard to create – I could have made a top 50. I am proud of this struggle.

10. Crazy for You by Madonna (1985)

I’m not even sure why I listen to this song as often as I do! It’s one I had to include, but I honestly have no idea what makes me like it so much. (Good start!)


9. Flying Without Wings by Westlife (1999)

This list could actually quite easily just consist of Westlife’s greatest hits. But I decided to settle on my all-time favourite – I don’t even know why I like it so much, I just know all the words and it annoys my boyfriend to no end.

8. Kiss From a Rose by Seal (1994)

Yup, Seal has made it onto this list. I told you, I always have to listen to my songs with earphones.
I actually can’t even remember how I came across this song originally; I’m pretty sure it was a typo while searching on Spotify? However it came about, it hit me right in the feels. I recall being very stressed out with final exams and it calmed me down a whole load. It also made me feel like I was in some sort of late-90s, early-noughties film? This is a very hard one to explain, just listen.

UPDATE: Turns out it was actually used in a Batman film. So my film vibe was on point!

7. Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush (1978)

I’m pretty sure my listening to this song started off as a joke between me and a friend, we saw it as a pretty random song and we ended up making up a wee dance routine to it to do at random times. But then I just ended up liking the actual song anyway! HEAAATHCLIFF

6. One for Sorrow by Steps (1998)

I was definitely way more into Steps than S Club 7 as a child. So much so, that when I came across their collection on Spotify, I recalled all the lyrics to a good number of their songs. Then this one came along, and I realised that not only is it an absolute banger (for the 90s, at least), but it’s actually one I overlooked an awful lot as a 4 year old for the likes of “Tragedy” and “Chain Reaction”. I can only apologise, lads.

5. Something Good ’08 by Utah Saints (2008)

I was all over this song when it first came out. The running man dance from the video was totally my thing, a skill I’m proud to say I still possess and will occasionally break out at parties. I actually only recently remembered that the songs exists, and I’m sad that it hardly ever gets played anywhere any more!

4. Cola Song by Inna (2014)

I actually didn’t like this song when it was first released, it annoyed me a lot whenever it was on the radio! But then I went on holiday that year and it was playing everywhere, and they’ve continued to play it to death every year since… as I go to the same place every year, I ended up associating it with holidays and sunshine and it’s now my go-to when I’m feeling blue 🙂

3. The Tide is High by Atomic Kitten (2002)

I was a huge Atomic Kitten fan as a child anyway, but I think my 6 year old dreams were made reality when this song made it into the opening credits of The Lizzie McGuire Movie. I was proud of them as if they were close friends, and I know there is a whole generation of us who will forever associate this song with falling into the bath with the shower curtain.

2. Never Forget by Take That (1995)

I have recently developed a deep love for pre-revival Take That, mostly through this song… I just find it really catchy! I feel like this is one that doesn’t really require an explanation haha

1. … Baby One More Time by Britney Spears (1998)

It kind of couldn’t not be Britney, right? Given the amount of times in this song’s 19 year existence (that can’t be right surely) that I’ve listened to it, I think it’s actually the only one I’ve never become sick of. If you pass me in my car, there is a 90% chance that I am singing along to it. Despite being 2 years old at the time of its release, I recall the music video being on my family’s Windows 98 computer, and I still have pretty much each scene memorised.

And there we have it. No shame. Just love.




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