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Should We Be Observing Blog Numbers?

observing blog numbers whathannahwrote

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed that I’ve recently been celebrating hitting certain numbers on the blog and social media. While I see other bloggers doing the same thing, I still find myself spending a good amount of time deciding whether or not it’s “appropriate” to be publicly broadcasting things that I view as achievements.

Before I get into this, this post isn’t calling out any bloggers who do this. Likewise, it isn’t calling out any bloggers who choose not to; I just find it interesting to view the two different sides!

When I first started using Twitter alongside the blog, it seemed like there were SO many other bloggers on there who had high numbers – not just in followers, but in interactions. When I first joined Twitter back in 2009, it was pretty easy to grow on there. After a matter of months, I’d hit my first 1,000, and soon I was pushing 3,000 just by tweeting about my day. I was ridiculously proud of my little pool of famous followers… until I got suspended in 2016 after it was found out that I started said account when I was a few weeks away from 13 (oops). Starting again on the platform has proven to me that all of a sudden, it’s a lot more difficult to grow.


observing blog numbers whathannahwrote


Likewise, when it comes to the blog, I’m proud of my little army of 300 followers. It took a lot of switching around and copying over photos and cringe-worthy posts from 2016 to get my blog to look a way I was happy with, and I’m insanely happy that people choose to subscribe to receive me in their inbox.

But when does it start getting too much? Is there a cut-off point for telling everyone how happy you are to reach a certain amount of followers or views? Is it something that should be viewed as detrimental to others who feel that they aren’t growing at their desired rate?

For me, the entire concept of following and subscribing isn’t about determining who is “successful” and who isn’t. I’ve seen so many bloggers with much higher numbers than others, who make multiple grammatical errors that annoy me to the point where I stop wanting to read their posts. On the other hand, I also see much people with a much smaller following creating engaging content. And sometimes it’s the other way around – there isn’t an overall relationship between numbers and quality.


observing blog numbers whathannahwrote


I think this is where a lot of people get caught up. Obviously it can be difficult to attract readers to your website if you don’t really have much attention on you, but that doesn’t reflect on your work. Personally, I feel that when it comes to celebrating numbers, it’s about genuinely thanking those who’ve taken the time to follow, subscribe, comment and even just view. We should be happy for those who have a milestone to acknowledge, because it shows that our community is still full of engagement and support.

I’m really interested in what others think on the subject – do you celebrate your numbers on social media or your website? How do you feel when you see others doing it? Let me know!








  • Dhawal Joshi

    These days I’ve been working more on quality content output because as you said many bloggers with huge following aren’t much into producing quality and engaging content. Followers isn’t the success mark of any blog. But its okay to celebrate on little things and enjoy. It helps to keep up the motivation in continuing it untill there’s actually a big thing happening. Social media are on my least focus right now as, most social organic reaches have dived down drasctially.

  • anamywhowrites

    I was drawn to this post due to having a post about blog numbers up myself. I personally think that its great you’re celebrating hitting certain numbers as its definitely something to be proud of. Congats by the way! I also believe that quantity doesn’t reflect quality. I have celebrated numbers in the past and even somewhat recently! I posted a tweet thanking everyone for views despite not having posted in roughly 10 months. In the past I made goals that were totally number related! It’s just more recently that I’ve taken a step back from it as it was leading to disappointment and content being published that I wasn’t happy with.
    Best Wishes
    Amy x

  • thecreativecochrane

    Definitely an interesting read! I also feel the same way when I post about hitting certain milestones. I don’t want to come across as “baggy” or be mocked for a small achievement which I consider to be a large one. Overall great post and love your site set up, its gorgeous !

  • ALB

    Super intriguing post! I’m still a small blogger and I think the point of hitting milestones for me is that the more people that follow my blog, the more I’ll get comments from people who genuinely enjoy my content. That’s the thrill for me. When/if I gain a bigger following, I think I’ll probably stop paying attention so much!

  • Hannah Williams

    I think your blog post raises some valid point. It is not about how many followers you have but rather an appreciation of people who have taken time out to like, comment or view in which you raised in this post. I think milestones are important to celebrate and I really enjoyed reading this piece.

  • hannahslifediaries

    I’m still fairly new to blogging and have no idea where my numbers put me. I’m genuinely just enjoying it. I think you should be allowed to share if you wish to, if you’re excited and proud then what harm is it doing? I think it’s move to celebrate others achievements as well as our own. Thanks for sharing this post lovely x

  • Amber

    I like to see how many page views I have because it lets me know that my readers like my content and that i’m doing a good job of promoting myself. However, if people are mainly just blogging for the attention that will show in their work and they won’t really seem passionate about it what they’re writing!

    • whathannahwrote

      Definitely! I enjoy writing for myself, but I do like doing the same as you and checking that people are engaging with my work!

  • samantha harman

    Yes! Thanks for writing this. Blogging can be overwhelming when you see how many others there are. But if it’s a real passion project the numbers don’t matter too much. I would rather be part of a small, engaged community than have loads of followers and no engagement

  • daniellepitter

    I used to pay attention to social stats when I’d started blogging in 2013. But now, I just don’t care lol. I’m grateful for anyone who is able to read my work and take something out of it. But I don’t pay hardcore attention to the stats anymore.

  • Megha

    An interesting post. I like seeing tweets about bloggers reaching certain milestones. Have done that myself sometimes. It’s quite natural to be proud of your little achievements and show them off. But yes, there is no point in getting hung up on stats. It’s the engagement and comments that make me truly happy. 🙂

  • Interesting! I love seeing people reach their goals and milestones but it can be disheartening as I tend to compare myself A LOT. I found it easier to grow on tumblr, I had thousands of followers over there and when I first had twitter it was SOO easy to get a celeb follow or grow your following. How did they find out you opened your twitter too early!? I was 14 so didn’t have that problem! Xx

    • whathannahwrote

      It was my own fault, I started it three months before my 13th birthday and last year I asked why I couldn’t set my birthday on my profile… then they worked out that I’d set my birthday as the day I set it up and was therefore “underage”, and suspended me at the age of 19 for it haha! xx

  • Ellyn Rebecca

    Sometimes I find getting drawn into focusing on stats and numbers of followers and worry that I’m never going to be as good as others but then.. I sometimes find it quite therapeutic to go through all my stats and making trackers etc. Is that strange hahah!

    Ellyn x | Life Of A Beauty Nerd

    • whathannahwrote

      Not at all! I love clicking through and watching the stats update haha, I find it really calming for no reason at all! x

  • Alys

    Such an interesting topic! Love your take on this, thanks for sharing xx

  • lhope884

    I agree with what you’ve said. As a small blogger myself, I don’t take offense etc when people choose to celebrate their blogging/social media numbers because everyone in the community works so hard to build a following for themselves. I think people need to remember that you don’t see immediate results from blogging either. It takes time for people to see you and your content because honestly Twitter followers means nothing, I have 5,500k followed and about 20 of them read my posts. But that’s not really what it was all about anyway, I created my blog because I love to write having more readers is lovelyband appreciated but not the be all and end all of my blogging journey.
    Great post ☺️
    Luce xo

    • whathannahwrote

      That’s so true! So many people jump straight to investigating the followers vs interaction aspect when half the time no ones numbers actually reflect on things like that at this size. I started blogging because I wanted to have a place to publish myself – your attitude is great! xx

  • lizeindisneyland

    Great post! I’m never sure whether to post ‘I’ve hit … followers’ either, because I’m scared of two things: people telling me it’s not a big deal, and people telling me to stop bragging. In my mind, I won’t win and no one will be happy for me.

  • As a fairly new blogger I really get caught up in the numbers even when I try my hardest not to! Some days I won’t be very active in promoting on Twitter and it really shows in my blog views and it’s so disheartening, I’m really proud of the content I’m creating but when my numbers are low it does make me question whether I should carry on! I don’t see an issue with celebrating numbers of followers as it just means that people are enjoying your content and there’s nothing wrong with being happy about that!

    Jess xx

    • whathannahwrote

      It’s really easy to do when you’re starting out – I still do it! I’ve been trying not to let it dictate whether or not I want to continue writing, but it can be pretty demotivating! xx

  • shradysstyle

    I don’t generally like to share my numbers.. maybe that’s just how I’m wired.. but if people do.. I don’t mind celebrating with them! 🙂 great post!

    • whathannahwrote

      That’s fair enough! Thank you 🙂

  • molliewesthead

    Love this post it’s so well written and such an interesting topic, I set myself milestones in terms of numbers, I try and celebrate every small step but I think it’s so easy to get caught up in it and become obsessive over it! X

  • Lisa's Notebook

    I don’t share my numbers, not becuase I think there’s anything wrong with that, but I don’t feel comfortably doing so personally. Like you, I’m incredibly grateful for any followers or commenters on any of my social media or blog but I don’t believe followers necessarily equals engagement. I’m just happy with any increase anywhere (including DA) and I try not to let a drop affect me either. Lovely thought-provoking post! x

    Lisa |

  • Eva

    I appreciate you writing on this topic – the more focused on numbers I get, usually the more distracted I get. I try to stay focused on writing from my heart and muse and not worrying about the rest of it. I’m still a very small blogger by most standards, so I’m just trying to do my best and celebrate the round number milestones because it gives me a reason to thank those who do read, comment and engage with my work. Lots to think about!

  • CherishingFLo

    I haven’t shared my numbers growth on social media thus far. And really there’s no reason for it, I just haven’t actually thought to do it. If I were to do it, it would be for simple purpose of wanting to Thank all of those who support me and say thanks to my little family in my corner of the Internet. I don’t believe in small accomplishments. I believe in being excited in every single milestone you pass, so if that means sharing with others, I don’t feel intimidated by that. It’s motivation for me. However, I can see how it can seem to be bragging and not as genuine in some bloggers, but I haven’t seen it very often. I love this post. Really got me thinking!

  • hebahpervaiz

    This was such an interesting post! I try not to get the numbers get to me too much, and I don’t religiously keep track of them but I do celebrate when my DA goes up, or I achieve big milestones just because it’s an indication of the work that I’ve put in? If that makes any sense hahah Xx

    • whathannahwrote

      I do the same! I think that’s fair to do, you work hard for these things! xx

  • my20staughtme

    Oh I’m a big believer in shouting your achievements, I think there is far too much feeling like you can’t be proud of yourself, especially with women, it’s like we have to constantly play ourselves down. And us bloggers work so hard to make great content, we should be allowed to be proud of the achievements!

    • whathannahwrote

      Yaaaas girl! I love your outlook on this – I’m my own worst critic, so I know I need to start taking a bit more pride in the things I do rather than put myself down. Such a fab attitude to have!

  • SaarBlogs

    As someone who’s on the other side of the spectrum, very little followers at all, I found it quite interesting to read your perspective on the whole numbers- and statistics-debacle. Thanks for the insight!

  • Lindsey

    Great post! It can be demoralising when you’re really small and don’t get much growth to see others getting loads and you don’t know what they do that is so different. At the same time, I can see why people would want to celebrate their achievements – it’s a tricky one!

    • whathannahwrote

      Definitely! I tried to take it as motivation to do well when I was starting out, but it was difficult to do at times – so now when I do it, I try not to make like “in your face” kind of posts! I totally cheer on anyone who reaches some sort of target or goal though haha!

  • Hannah

    I think it’s important to celebrate milestones but not to obsess over the numbers and compare yourself to others. Normally you have an increase in followers because your content is relevant and engaging and therefore it is an achievement of sorts. xx

  • thedivinewrite

    Hi, I’m very new to all this, so I’ve got all this to look forward to hopefully. At the minute I’m just trying to be consistent with my posts, and connecting as much as I can. I’m still learning x

    • whathannahwrote

      That’s the best way! Don’t rush into trying to get people to interact with your blog, otherwise you’ll become hung up on thinking about the people rather than your content. Everyone works differently though! x

      • thedivinewrite

        No that’s very true. I’m going to concentrate on content then hopefully the viewers/readers will follow, Ill just carry on reading and blogging my thoughts x

  • goldenbooksgirl

    I only ever celebrate milestones I’m especially proud of (on Twitter, usually) and I try and do it in a way that I hope won’t make others feel as rubbish as some people’s can make me do. It’s lovely to see people doing well though, so in general I’d say I’m for celebrating milestones. Really interesting post!

    Amy x

    • whathannahwrote

      Yeah, I’m always really worried in case I cause any upset cause I remember being like “oh, I haven’t even got 100 followers”. I’m obviously nowhere near a level where I can be like “I remember being like you”, but I still try to take it into account haha! x

  • Katie Summer

    I completely agree with you! It’s nice to see that you have support but at the same time a blog is a personal recollection of memories or a time in your life so I think it works both ways!

    • whathannahwrote

      Yeah totally! I just always get so excited and take pride in the fact that people are interested in what I have to write about hahaha

  • jennyinneverland

    This is such an interesting argument and one I think about a lot. I think either way you approach it is okay, as long as it’s not affecting you negatively! E.G if constantly observing your numbers is making you unnecessarily stressed then it might be time to take a step back! I personally observe my numbers a lot. I love seeing the growth and I ALWAYS celebrate hitting milestones. I just say each to their own with this one and also, we blog for different reasons so someone who only blogs as a hobby wouldn’t be as worried about numbers as someone who blogs as a job, where numbers are a bit more important (: Great post! xxx

  • Bexa

    This is a really interesting topic Hannah 💖. It’s nice to see people celebrating big milestones but it can get samey if that is all they tweet about. Personally, I think engagement is much more important (and fun) than the actual numbers. Great post, really enjoyed reading this 😘 xx

    Bexa |

  • pinkiebag

    Hi, I think we can all get a little oncessed with the numbers game, but at the end of the day I personally think it is more about having genuine followers that interact with you. But as for numbers who visit your blog monthly i am still guilty of keeping a watch on this….

    • whathannahwrote

      That’s fair! Although I write primarily for myself and to build up a portfolio of work, I think I feel more motivated to keep going when I know others are interested if that makes sense? It’s way too easy to keep a watch on monthly viewers haha!

      • pinkiebag

        Sure is and I need to learn how to spell….

        • whathannahwrote

          Hahaha I knew what you meant, don’t worry!

  • Emma Langlands

    I completely agree, some ‘bigger’ bloggers are rude and up themselves and have no time for ‘smaller’ bloggers.
    I post what I love to talk about, not to get views!

  • glowsteady

    I found this really interesting. I celebrate ‘bigger’ milestones like 1,000 or 2,000. But I set myself smaller monthly targets and celebrate those silently. I love when people tweet that they’re proud of whatever milestone they’ve reached though x


    • whathannahwrote

      That’s exactly what I do 🙂 I feel motivated when I take note of how I’m doing, and I like seeing how others do too! x

  • Shauna

    This is a great post. I do find myself celebrating my blog stats – if I’ve hit a certain number in a month that I’m happy with then I’ll post about it, and I’m the same with Instagram. I’m almost at 40,000 so I’ve been celebrating my journey to get to it.
    I think it’s ok for people to celebrate to a degree – I don’t think people should post every time they hit the next 25 views or follows for example (I’ve seen this happen) but it’s always nice seeing how well other people have been doing! X

    • whathannahwrote

      Yeah totally! I’m still starting out so I get excited with every 1000 of anything, but obviously if I was to ever do any better I’d stop doing it as often haha. I even like seeing how others are doing haha! Hope you hit that 40,000 soon! x

  • styleandtellblog

    Good post! So inspiring.

  • Aleeha

    Honestly, I think I’ve gotten to a point now when the numbers don’t really excite me in the same way. I remember when I used to get excited at hitting milestones, but now it’s just a number. I find it so much more exciting to see all the engagement.
    Aleeha xXx

  • Sarah Beal

    Interesting post thanks for sharing. I do find it hard to grow my social media these days it’s really not easy & sometimes I feel dishartened because I haven’t got to a certain goal. On the other hand i do feel happy when I get a certain amount of views on my blog etc. It doesn’t happen often though! but I don’t get much interaction because I find it hard to interact with people online & offline. I hope this makes sense!

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