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Oops. (Blogtober Edition)

I’m kind of turning myself in here a bit, but I think it’s fair to say that my Blogtober efforts appear to have come to a grinding halt.

I had one night last week where I genuinely completely forgot to publish anything, and so I was planning on double-posting the following night… But life, y’know? Between getting ill and moving flats and a hella lot of coursework, I’ve now found myself a week further with no posts. I kind of realised that I wouldn’t be able to secretly just backdate things, ’cause a few of you will end up with about eight consecutive “whathannahwrote” emails in your inbox, and I don’t think I’d have been able to convince you that all of your email service providers had suffered an outage over the week.

So, this is kind of like a “bear-with, I’m starting again” post; an apology for the amount of spamming that may occur if I finally get things back on track. I’ve legit been too worried about checking my entire WordPress site just because it would highlight to me that I’ve kind of failed miserably at the daily blogging challenge at the moment. I’m determined to fill every little day on my calendar though, so this marks my self-intervention-of-sorts.

So, ya. Nothing much to report here – just that I’m still alive, and as unorganised as ever!





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