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Presents of Yesteryear…

Christmas presents of yesteryear

I walked past a display for “the biggest toy this Christmas” on my way to university the other day, and it made me realise something – I’m totally out of the loop when it comes to trends in toys. Not surprising given that I’m a 21 year old with no children in my household, but I used to actually look forward to predicting the presents that every child in my school would receive that year… based off of the fact that I too was a child, I suppose!

It got me thinking about all the presents I wanted or received as a child (that I can remember, at least!) and I thought it’d be fun to reflect on my past Christmas wishlists…


Barbie Airplane


(Photo credit: Amazon)

This is ALWAYS the first present that springs to mind when I look back on my childhood. Does anyone remember this!? It was so magical, from being able to change the windows from day to night views and speaking into the little microphone and sounding like an actual air hostess. My only issue was that I was so excited to get it, that I stuck on the stickers included all wrong and pretty much ruined the aesthetics… I must have been around 5 when I got this?


Bratz Cadillac


Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 20.38.18

(Photo credit: Pinterest)

Another memorable gift – I got this with my first two Bratz dolls, and it kickstarted a number of years obsessing over collecting dolls that I didn’t even really play with, but just admired. This car was everywhere at the time, with so many cool features for a 6 year old, including a working radio! I always remember getting the radio to work and listening to Evergreen by Will Young (number 1 in the charts at the time, I feel old) – at which point it died forevermore. Gutting.




(Photo credit: Determined Momma)

The original Furby, that is! The craze that hit a few years ago when they were relaunched brought back awful memories of this present… I was too young to really be aware that these were so in demand back then (I must have been in nursery?) but I was pretty excited to have the closest thing to a pet – and he talked! Or at least, he did talk until he malfunctioned randomly and just made hissing noises at random times. No amount of battery replacements could save him, and he finally met his demise when he ended up scaring me so much that my parents had to hide him in our coal bunker.




(Photo credit: Business Wire)

This was an item that I wished and wished for, but never actually got – although I ended up with a CD walkman that year, so I was pretty happy! I’ve included this one just because I think it’s hilarious how desperately I wanted it looking back now… All I remember from wanting a VideoNow was that they were advertised on kids TV channels allll day. They were basically portable video players (note the word video) that you could buy cartridges of TV shows for, and I was convinced it was the most innovative creation ever… Looking back now, I’m glad my parents predicted the popularity of portable DVD players and TV show downloads for iPods.


iPod Nano 3rd Generation


(Photo credit: Low End Mac)

Speaking of which, this is a gift that brought a start to a long love of music. I actually still have it to this day, despite numerous iPhones and variations of iPod. I love it!


Barbie Beetle


(Photo credit: Pinterest)

THIS BEETLE. I was ecstatic to receive this present – I don’t remember ever spotting it and asking for it, but it ended up being one of the most memorable toys for everyone in my house. I refused to sleep unless it was tucked up in the bed with me… but I also refused to sleep in my own bed at that age, so the Barbie Beetle slept above me and inbetween my poor parents. My mum ended up passing it on to a younger child when I stopped playing with Barbies and I’m still bitter about it to this day.




(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Practically every family I knew got one of theseΒ  – I feel like I don’t need to explain this one! Wii Sports tennis is still my absolute fave, and I’m definitely searching out my console when I go home for Christmas.


Barbie in the Nutcracker doll


(Photo credit: Pinterest)

I LOVED this doll! She was released to go along with the Barbie in the Nutcracker film released that year, and was able to bend her limbs to create ballet poses. Pink + Barbie = happy small Hannah.


Sony Ericsson W580i


(Photo credit: Cellhut)

I wasn’t as quite a small child when I received this, but was anyone else part of the gang that seemed to come back from the Christmas holidays in 2008 as an owner of one of these phones!? I thought I was so cool until I realised there was about 10 of us in my year alone with one… there was 30 of us in my year. A third of the class. Whit.





  • foxemily

    To this day furbies still creep me out there is something about them. I always wanted the bratz car lol
    Happy Christmas

  • Lizzie

    I remember how excited my sister and I were when we received a Furby – loved mine! Fancy playing a bit of Wii Tennis now, just wish my Wii wasn’t broken! Great post.

    Lizzie |

    • whathannahwrote

      Aw no, that’s heartbreaking! I think (hope) mine’s at home somewhere…

  • Rebecca Rose

    OMG! this is great! My mum literally got into a fight with someone to get me a furby! I remember they were sold out everywhere! xx

  • Corinne and Kirsty

    Ahahah ! this brings me in the past! I remember most of these! I still play the wii ahah xx corinne

  • tvaddict4life

    God I remember Furby!! Never had 1 though! Whilst it’s lovely to see Barbie I was a Sindy girl myself had loads of them and my Grandad built me a house 🏠 for her way better than anything you could buy 😍

    • whathannahwrote

      I had an ice skater Sindy doll! I could never really find her in any shops at the time though!
      Aww, that’s so lovely! Definitely worth way more than whatever was in stores! x

  • Ely Marie Asther

    OMG lots of souvenirs in this posts ❀️

  • femaleoriginal

    Omg the barbie beetle was EVERYTHING to little me! Such a throwback haha xx

    • whathannahwrote

      Ahh! No one else ever remembers it existing when I mention it bar my family! It was so damn cool hahaha xx

  • Antonia

    This took me right back to my childhood. I remember my sister getting pink Furby for Christmas and I know that I loved to play with it. x

    • whathannahwrote

      Everyone seems to have fond memories of Furby! Maybe it was just me who was insanely freaked out… x

  • Abby Roberts-Gould

    This is making me want to go back to the days of Tamagotchi’s! Did you ever have one? Hannah, I have nominated you for the Christmas Would You Rather…? Tag, as part of the rules I am letting you know on your most recent blog post! The link to my post is I hope you enjoy! xxx

    • whathannahwrote

      I did! Although it terrified me when I’d accidentally neglect them and they’d die πŸ™ Not the brightest memories hahaha!
      Thanks so much for the tag! I’m trying to find posts to bridge the gaps in my Blogmas plans so that helps so much haha! xxx

  • Sophie

    Oh my gosh, I remember I used to have Bratz dolls and I used to love them! And I also had a cute pink furby which eventually broke because it was so old πŸ™ˆ those were the days haha

    • whathannahwrote

      Bratz dolls were my life for a good few years haha! I’d definitely never describe Furbies as being “cute” though… evil things! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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