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REVIEW: Fenty Beauty Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette

Fenty Beauty Galaxy eyeshadow palette

I’ve been SO excited to write this Blogmas post! I’ve been putting it off all month, but I couldn’t wait any longer… I’ve been lucky enough to get to try out the Fenty Beauty Galaxy eyeshadow palette (courtesy of my fab flatmate)! If there’s anything I love more than glitter and shimmer, it’s lots of colour; so when the gorgeous metallic-chrome compact (as seen below, although no photos do it justice!) got passed over to me, I was super impressed just with the look of the 14 shades.


Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 19.03.06.png


Released as part of their holiday collection, the Fenty Beauty website describes the palette as ranging “from sheer, glittering topcoats to smoky, shimmer-drenched hues”. Retailing at £39.00 in Harvey Nichols, and offering colours from gorgeous shimmery whites and silvers, to darker purples and metallic greys, the palette offers an opportunity for so many amazing looks!

Now, it’s worth pointing out at this stage that while I’m trying to grow my eyeshadow knowledge a bit more, I’m nowhere near being an expert yet. I like to think that I haven’t yet had any disasters with my creations, but the art of blending and using different brush techniques is incredibly foreign to me! So this review will probably end up being a little bit of a beginner style – just a heads up!


Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 19.14.57.png


I don’t know about you, but the first shade that I was instantly drawn to was the aqua-blue colour, Cosmic Ocean, to the left of the palette. As much as blue eyeshadow reminds me of teenage make-up looks I’d rather forget, this shade alone got me super excited to swatch them!

One thing that took me by surprise was just how soft the eyeshadows were. Some of the shades felt almost as if they had a creamy texture to them, but were still powdery, if that makes much sense? They were actually almost too powdery… You might be able to see in the photo above that the darker blue shade fell victim to its own softness! This texture only betters the fantastic pigmentation these shades have; I could genuinely say that these colours come out much bolder than any other palette I’ve used before. Especially with the glitter through them! Admittedly, the lighter shades took a bit more effort to show up when I did the swatches, but even then they still ended up looking amazing. I also swatched these just by using my fingertip, so it would be interesting to hear how those who’ve used brushes found it in this area.

Of course, one downside to having such pigmented and powdery shades is the difficulty in trying to minimise any mess – I don’t know how many times I had to carefully wipe along the palette to clear any loose powder to take photos! Maybe that was to be expected given how much glitter is in each shade…

Speaking of which, remember my glitter post a couple of weeks ago? This is a definite recommendation for the eyes section. Just looking at the shades, you can tell they have some glitz about them. But when you actually try them out… I was mesmerised. According to the Fenty Beauty website, Rihanna describes the palette as being “glitter on glitter on glitter” – there has never been a truer statement. Here’s my swatches (ignore my bedsheets):



I feel like no photos can really do this glitter justice, but I used flash on the second photo to try and show what I could see in person; a number of the shades, especially the lighter ones, are amazingly glittery to the point where it looks as if the entire shade is made up of glitter. The “Mars on Fire” shade stood out especially to me when it came to this! I’m going to have to call out a downside with the glitter though – I did notice a slight bit of fallout, which may be a nuisance to some. Not myself personally, cause as I’ve said many times before, I bathe in glitter. But for anyone else, it’s something worth noting!


Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 21.41.44.png


Admittedly, I’d have liked the Cosmic Ocean shade to have been a little bolder in colour – it comes out so much lighter than it looks! I just applied these shades to my bare arm, though, so perhaps it would make a difference by using a primer?

All in all, I really like this palette! Obviously it’s not really a day-to-day product, but it would be fab for nights out – especially at this time of year! As I said at the start, I’m no expert when it comes to this sort of thing, so the issues that I’ve noted may be more cause for alarm for those who know what they’re doing. But if you’re looking for shades that can create bold, dramatic looks, this is definitely a palette I’d recommend.





  • Lis

    These shadows are so pretty! I think Sunburst and Xtra-Terrestrial are my favourites 🙂

  • Clementine

    Wow, this eyeshadow palette is so gorgeous. I haven’t tried any of the Fenty beauty products yet, but would love to 🙂
    Clem x

    • whathannahwrote

      It’s the only one I’ve managed to try so far, but it’s made me want to test it all out! x

  • Lena Dee

    I think this palette would make a great party night addition or when you want to be extra. I like the pigment but it’s def nothing I’d use a lot of…Great review 💕

  • Corinne and Kirsty

    This palette looks so dreamy! I didn’t even know fenty was doing eyeshadow palettes! look at these shades! xx corinne

  • Lizzie Bee

    Oh my gosh I am so jealous that you managed to get your hands on a Fenty eyeshadow palette! I would love to try out their eyeshadows, because those shades look amazing. I especially love the “meteor crush” colour!

  • I really want to get this but I don’t think I’d use it often enough! 🙁 Great review of it though, I didn’t expect the shadows to be softer but thats always good to know!

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