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REVIEW | Primark P.S. Pro Oval Brushes

Primark PS Pro oval brush in packaging on while marble background, along with MAC Studio Fix powder compact, L'oreal Infallible Total Cover foundation and MAC Prep and Prime primer

I’ve been putting off doing a review for ages! I feel like I’m better at just rambling and telling a story rather than being critical, but hopefully this will be the first of many ūüôā

I’d started to notice more and more that people are opting for the oval brush trend over other applicators, and while at first I wasn’t really that won over by them, I started getting more and more interested in what they’d actually be like to use. Here’s the thing, though – as a student (living hours away from home too, boo), I don’t exactly have the funds to spend on expensive, high quality items. This means that when trends like these come along, I either have to just accept my rubbish financial status, or I’ll attempt to find a cheaper version!

I’m sure it’s been evident in previous posts that I’m more than a little fond of rummaging through Primark, and so I headed in for a look the other day – I wasn’t even aware they existed, but I came across a range of oval brushes under the P.S. range! Seeing as they were priced at ¬£2.50, ¬£3 and ¬£4 depending on the size, I opted for the ¬£4 large size; for that price, trying it wouldn’t hurt!

Black Primark PS Pro oval brush lying on white marble background

So, I’m going to hold my hands up here – while I’m an owner of many brushes, I am very guilty of choosing to apply liquid foundation with my fingers instead. I know it’s frowned upon, but I’ve just always gone with that option and I find it a lot quicker… So I decided to use the oval brush for this part of my make-up application, just so I could compare as a stubborn non-brush user over the years!

(Side-note, I applied by first off dotting my liquid foundation around areas of my face, then blending it in with the brush :))

The first¬†thing I noticed was that the synthetic hairs were way softer than what I was expecting – I was worried that there would be visible brush strokes in the foundation where I’d blended. Additionally, the density meant that when blending, I found that I was actually able to use way less than I usually would just because it was spreading out a lot better than usual. I also¬†felt that despite it being the largest size, I had no problems getting around my nose and eye area; admittedly, I don’t really pay much attention there anyway, so it’d be interesting to see the difference with the smaller sizes.

Black Primark PS Pro oval brush head in front of white marble background

I actually found that I applied my foundation quicker than my usual technique (or lack of!), and it gives a really nice finish – which I find rare given how bad my skin can get! My only questionable point is that the handle doesn’t seem too strong; but then, for ¬£4, you can’t really complain! Overall, I’m really impressed with my purchase, and I think I’ve been convinced to actually start applying liquid foundation with a brush :)!





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