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I knew I’d reach a point during Blogmas where I’d struggle to think of something a bit different to write about… so I’m so excited to have found a Christmas tag! These questions came from Abby (ABBY CLARE) – I saw her post yesterday and loved the idea. You’ve saved my day 4, gal, so thank you v much!

(P.S., this is technically a tag, but I wanted to pass this on as Abby did. So, everyone’s welcome to answer it rather than selecting specific people!)


1. Is your Christmas tree real or fake?

It’s fake! I remember my parents buying a real tree years ago as a one-off when I was little and my mum had to hoover the floor about three times a day with all the needles… so we’ve had the same loyal fake tree since!


2. What is your favourite Christmas movie?

I love It’s a Wonderful Life, and in all honesty I’m not sure why! It’s the only black-and-white film I can actually sit and watch; I just think it’s really cute and it’s now not really Christmas unless I watch it.


3. Do you have any traditions at Christmas? If so, what is your most cherished?

We don’t really do anything that we’ve recognised as tradition, but our Christmas Day generally follows the same pattern, which I love! We wake up, open our “main” presents, have a fry-up with some Bucks Fizz, open the rest of the presents and have a chill early afternoon and then pick up my granny (after the Queen’s speech, always) for dinner. Then watch soaps and all the rubbish Christmas TV specials! Other than that… my tradition is to leave wrapping presents till the last minute and end up staying up till 2am if that counts…


4. Do you open any presents on Christmas Eve?

I tried to make this a thing as a child, and I think I did for a couple of years or so, but it was only ever something little. Even I had to admit at the time that it didn’t feel right though!


5. What is your favourite Christmas song/carol?

I have so many I love, but the one that really gets me is “Christmas Lights” by Coldplay. It came out at a time where I was really struggling when I was younger and it was just such a nice song to listen to, and now whenever it comes on it makes me so happy. The background to me liking it isn’t so festive, but it makes me feel that way now!


6. What decoration do you place at the very top of your tree?

A star! Just one my mum bought a few years ago. In my flat in Glasgow, it was a case of sticking whatever we found on there!


7. What is your favourite festive drink?

Mulled cider is amaaaazing. I was obsessed with Starbucks’ Toffee Nut Lattes for years too, but I’m not keen on the chunks of hazelnut this year!


8. How do you plan what to buy people as gifts? Plan it out in a list or just shop til you drop?

I am the least organised person EVER when it comes to gifts. I’m always happy with what I end up finding, but it takes me having to stress and run around the shops until I find things.


9. When do you open your presents? In the morning or at night?

In the morning! I’d never have the willpower to wait till the evening. Plus all my family members phone to wish us a merry Christmas during the day and I wouldn’t want to seem rude if I hadn’t opened their gifts by then haha!


10. When do you start to get excited about Christmas?

I ALWAYS get excited at the start of November, then stop till the 1st of December, and then it disappears until mid-December when I finish uni for the holidays and get to travel home. By that point I can’t sleep for excitement!


11. *Bonus question* – What are you most excited for this year over the Christmas season?

Being at home, definitely. And the food!





  • goldenbooksgirl

    Really enjoyed reading through your answers and seeing we have a few in common. We also have a star at the top of our tree and it’s fake, and I much prefer spending the day at home too. I plan gifts though.
    Amy xx

  • Lena Dee

    I love these Christmas tags! It’s a great way to learn about others but and their traditions…I love Starbucks and I swear it’s like a switch turns on Dec 1st that gets you mega excited…nice post ☺️❄️

    Lena xx

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