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The Difficult First Post

This is probably like my tenth blog by now.

Every time a new stage in my life comes about, I think, “hm, maybe people will read this and relate. Maybe this is your true calling in life”. And then I continue for about two weeks until I either forget the login details or just run out of things to say.

Maybe this will be the one. Or maybe I’ll read this in two years time and go “oh wow, why?” like I just did with my old blog, and then start again, just filling up the Internet with my ramblings. My last one was all about how I was 18 and loved my new life in the city, and how great going out to clubs three times a week was. How a matter of months (and coursework) can change your social life drastically! 🙁

I always seem to have started my many past blogs with the same post, which was where I questioned why I was starting a blog. Honestly, I think this might be what was putting me off continuing, simply because I didn’t know what exactly I was doing it for, and what content I would be talking about. So I’m going to get that bit over with, and then I’m going to throw myself straight in and it’ll all be just peachy, k?

This blog is literally just going to be about everything. I’ve been sitting for the past hour trying to come up with a smart name that captured the focus of it, and I just can’t think of one particular area I want to talk about (I’m either really boring or just really into everything, and I know which one but let’s pretend it’s the other one). I eventually settled on one that sounds like I’m about 13! I’m not sure why I’m worrying about a name when it’ll probably just be me and someone I share the link with when I’m drunk reading it, but I like to think that at some point it’ll serve to help someone in this big mad world. I’ve come to realise that even in my two years at university alone, I’ve had some crazy stories that do actually deserve to be told, and so that is what’s going to happen 🙂 and hopefully this time I’ll actually stick to it!

So yah. This blog is now open and I will be doing no more introduction stuff because I am sick of doing difficult first posts!



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