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The monthly catch-up #1

the monthly catch up 1 whathannahwrote july machir bay islay

Hello hello hello. I’ve decided to start a wee regular end-of-month catch-up, where I can talk a little bit about what’s going on in my life… and stop posting so many random hastily-written updates. I know y’all aren’t reading those. I feel ya.

I’ve seen quite a few bloggers do these, and I love reading them – so why not do my own? I like to think that at the end of the year I’ll be able to look back on these and take a nice wee trip down memory lane. So, without further ado, here is my first monthly catch up:

(Also obviously I’m starting this in July and so my numbering in the title isn’t going to make much sense from here on in, but I’ll work it out!)

I landed my first gig as a freelancer 

Woo hoo! This was exactly what that one class on doing taxes was for. I landed my first few jobs as a freelancer while I finish up my course. I don’t know why, but I’m pretty shy when it comes to approaching people to commission me for my writing. I get that’s my job now, and I’m now trained and qualified to do so, but I still get nervy and wait for them to come to me. So if you’re a brand and you’re reading this, pls get in touch. I definitely don’t bite and I need the validation.

the monthly catch up 1 whathannahwrote july machir bay islay


I got two – TWO – trips home

I’m not working over the summer as I’m working on my project for my course, but I wasn’t expecting to get more than one visit home from May till September. Two visits were therefore very unexpected, yet hugely welcomed. I’m on the second and will be here for another week or so – many dog cuddles and meals by my mother are being had!


I had two Marie Kondo-inspired clear-outs

Yes, this is a highlight. I’m a renowned hoarder and find reason to keep e v e r y t h i n g. I get so emotionally attached to the silliest of things, and I claim everything has memories attached to it. So to have cleared out not just my belongings in my boyfriend and I’s house, but also my parents’ house, was a pretty big thing. And it turned out to be quite liberating and therapeutic. I found items I totally forgot I had, clothes I forgot I loved, and donated countless bags and boxes to charity. It was totally a product of procrastination, but it was worth it. Strongly recommend.

the monthly catch up 1 whathannahwrote machir bay islay

the monthly catch up 1 whathannahwrote machir bay islay


I got offered my dream placement!

I keep saying “dream placement” because I’m scared I’ll name them and they get angry at me for whatever reason. But oh my daaaays. I’ve wanted to work for these guys literally since I decided I wanted to be a journo ten years ago, and while it’s a week long and not a permanent job, I’m SO excited. I actually got a rejection email the day before someone got in contact to tell me I’d been accepted, so it was totally unexpected. I’d all but given up when I received the first email. Sooo… roll on September!


I got to see Lewis Capaldi… but I cried all the way through the set and missed a whole chunk

I was drunk. I’ll try again another time.


And that’s about it! July was kind of taken up quite a bit by project stress, so we’ll see what August brings as my deadline races along…








  • theimlife

    love the monthly round up blog post!! can’t beat a proper sort out, I’m going to have to do one before heading back to uni & fab news about your placement!! xx

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