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The Unique Blogger Award

Unique Blogger Award

I’ve been so behind on all my planned posts! This was one I got nominated for back on the 3rd of September, so big thank you to Becca at Yung Rebel Blog for nominating me, and sorry it’s taken me so long!


The Unique Blogger Award is all about celebrating everyone’s uniqueness, as well as being a way to get to know your fellow bloggers! The rules are as follows:

1. Thank your nominator

2. Answer the questions that your nominator left for you

3. Nominate 5-10 people (and let them know)

4. Set questions for your nominees to answer!


So, my questions from Becca were as follows…

1. What was your motive to start a blog?

I’ve been blogging on and off for the last six years now! I’ve always loved writing (I wrote a little book when I was four years old hahaha), but given where I come from, there was never any opportunities to really put anything I wrote out there beyond just creating a method for yourself. It made me decide to start taking blogging a lot more seriously this time round than I did before!

2. What’s your favourite film and why?

I can never seem to settle on a favourite, but I think all things considered, my all-time favourite has to be Anastasia. It was a cartoon film I grew up watching, and I still remember all the words to every song. It gets me pretty emotional whenever I watch it nowadays – it makes me realise I’m all grown up!

3. Would you ever start vlogging? If you do already, what made you vlog?

I started a vlog back in 2011 when I was 14, and I absolutely loved it. But my school found out about it and questioned me on it, and I was so embarrassed that I deleted all traces of it! So I’d definitely consider doing it again now I’m a bit older, although I think I’ve lost that confidence in front of the camera that I had before!

4. Who is your role model/ultimate inspiration?

My granny! She’s had a big hand in teaching me how I should regard myself, and over the years I’ve come to learn that she’s been through an awful lot and is in fact a really strong person. I always think of her whenever I’m going through a situation that seems impossible!

5. Where do you see yourself in five years?

So the realisation that I’ll be 26 by then has freaked me out a little bit… But I genuinely have no idea! If I was asked this like even two years ago, I’d have said married with a child… now I’m like “heck no, I’ll be young forever”… so I actually don’t know. Hopefully I’ll have settled on a career by then at least!


My nominations

Life With Ktkinnes


Saz Sinclair

aesthetix katie

Always Believe in a Miracle


And my questions to you are…

1. What’s your all-time favourite song?

2. What was your main motivation behind starting a blog?

3. Pineapple on pizza: yes or no?

4. If you could go back five years to give yourself some advice, what would it be?

5. What was your favourite age, and why?


Looking forward to seeing everyone’s answers! xo




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