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The Versatile Blogger Award

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Hello everyone!

I’m really excited to have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award – I never get tagged for things! *sob sob* (except for the Liebster Award, shameless blog post plug)

Big thank you to Amy for this, it means a lot! Check out her blog here, she’s made a really great start to it and I look forward to seeing it grow further!

So, for the award, I’ve to share seven interesting facts about myself, and then nominate seven other bloggers to do the same. I find it incredibly difficult to come up with anything interesting about myself, so bear with!

The Versatile Blogger Award logo on pink circular logo

1. I’m from a Scottish island

Not starting off with anything too amazing, but I’ve grown up on a little Scottish Hebridean island called Islay. It’s about 25 miles long, there’s about 3,000 of us that live there, and it’s very rural and totally picturesque. Growing up was very quaint and quiet – I have no pity for people who complain about having a tiny cinema… try having one on wheels every few months haha! I moved to Glasgow to study when I was 17, but I still love coming home.

2. I have Ghanaian ancestry

… Believe it or not, going by my appearance! My grandfather’s family on my mum’s side were all from Ghana, while my granny was from Islay, so my mum moved to the UK from there when she was a child. People are always shocked at this just because I’m so pale and Scottish looking – I get that from my dad! My little brother has the exotic looking features, all I got was mad thick hair!

3. I’m a huge football fan

I loooove being a girly-girl, and I have a long-standing relationship with the colour pink and glitter. But I’m also a lifelong supporter of Manchester City, and nothing beats belting out “Blue Moon” in the stands with a pie in hand.

4. I’ve never so much as sprained anything

I wasn’t an overly-careful child, but I’ve somehow managed to make it to 20 without injuring myself past cuts and bruises. I’ve had a fair few drunken falls (Converse are sometimes more lethal than heels, who knew?), but I’ve ended up being unofficially 100% injury-proof!

5. I have the weirdest phobias

My long list of phobias are always a strange point of discussion! I have the usual common ones – spiders, clowns (thanks to 1950s Ronald McDonald)… but I’m also terrified of silage pits for their height, the black and white “deviation of route” road signs (but only when they’re in the dark), standing next to tractor or truck tyres (when they’re attached to them obviously, not the actual tyres haha) and this big monument we have over here to commemorate the sinking of a ship just off the shore. Come to think of it, a lot of these seem to be about random objects being taller than me!

6. I’m allergic to kiwi fruit

Kiwi fruit was my absolute favourite until I was about 12, when I ate it and my lips and throat started swelling up… I was told to avoid eating it from then and it still breaks my heart to this day 🙁

7. My hair is naturally a copper colour

I think I might have mentioned this in a previous post? My hair and I have a bit of a love-hate relationship, mostly stemming from the fact that it has a copper colour running through it. I’ve spent a good portion of my time from around the age of 14 trying to hide it, though I am starting to consider just embracing it!

That’s it! I’m not the most interesting person, but ah well.


My seven nominations:

Lottie –

Zara –

Katie –

Colin –

Aileen –

Chloe –

Lizzie –


Looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with!





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