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What Hannah Learned in 2018…

HOW is it time to write an end of year post already!? I feel like I say this every year, but 2018 has just flown by – yet it seems to have been one of those years where once I actually sit and think about it, a lot happened. Personally, it’s been a fab year: I graduated with my BA (Hons) in International Business, I started training as a journalist, and I met my boyfriend… and then moved in with him after 20 weeks. I attended a music festival, I had yet another enjoyable summer working, and I made some amazing new friends. Oh, and the blog became self-hosted and monetised!

Unfortunately, my 2018 didn’t exactly get off to the best start, and not everything was a total high. But these things become life lessons, and that’s exactly how I’ve taken them. So, here’s a little post on the things 2018 taught me.


Risks – take them!

… Like, in the least dangerous way, of course. Don’t go climbing up the sides of buildings or anything.

Back in January, I decided to finally invest in my website after spending over a year nattering and building up a small following. I didn’t entirely feel like I was in a position where it would bring much monetary benefit – but I wanted to do so much more with it, and without being self-hosted, there was a bit of a limit on my control over it. I 100% could have done with reading more into the advantages and disadvantages beforehand, but then, does that count as risk-taking? Anyway, as the year went on, it transpired that I was then eligible to join Google Adsense (literal pennies a day, but more pennies than I was getting otherwise) and eventually, a few companies reached out with offers for sponsored posts. None of this would have happened had I not gone forward with self-hosting – and I even managed to break even after a few months! Yay!


It’s never too late to follow your dreams (cringe)

No, I know – I hate that heading too. But it’s kind of true; I’d talked previously on here about how I was studying my degree in business because I’d chickened out from studying journalism (which I’d wanted to do from the age of like 12). When I was starting to approach finishing back in about February/March, I realised that I was about to go into the scary real world of work and that I wasn’t actually doing what I really wanted to do. I know sometimes that’s just the way things go, but I decided to make one last attempt to go after what I wanted. That sounds really dramatic, but it did honestly take a lot to convince myself I was good enough to be trained up as a journalist – that’s what prevented me from going for it back in 2014! So, I applied, I got an interview, and I got accepted into the course a whole four hours later. And now I’m studying something I’m really passionate about, with a great bunch of people and some fantastic tutors. It’s busy and stressful and hectic, but I love it.



Life works in mysterious ways!

It does, though. Last year, I spotted a guy at work (out of a window, no less) who was v v cute. It turned out that one of my colleagues knew him because he stayed next to her when he was visiting from Glasgow, but she let me down gently with the news that he was taken. My ten-second-long dreams were dashed.

Then this year I returned home after finishing uni to return to work there. Every year, our island has a whisky festival, with each distillery taking a day to host. So I’m wandering around – admittedly pretty drunk – at our day, when this random guy stops me to ask if I’d seen his friend. Bearing in mind there’s hundreds of people there, I have no idea who he’s talking about, but I felt bad just leaving him. We got chatting, and he explained who he was… and my first reaction? “Oh my god! I spotted you out of that window up there last year!”. It turned out that he had since become single, and would be on the island over the summer. And, well, now we live together…

Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 20.51.02


It’s okay to admit that things aren’t okay

As I mentioned, my 2018 didn’t entirely get off to the best start. I was pretty drained, I was sad all the time, and I was letting my grades and personal life suffer because of it. I tried so hard to hide it, because I was convinced that it “wasn’t a good look”, and I didn’t want people to judge me as a result. But as things picked up and I started to feel better, I realised that in not talking, I wasn’t helping to end that stigma – so I did talk. And I really didn’t expect the response it got. It helped me to realise that it’s okay to accept that you need a little bit of help sometimes, and that there isn’t some mad angry crowd waiting round the corner to shame you when you do. I hope these discussions continue right on into 2019!


And finally… blondes have more fun, but only for a little while

If I want anything to come of 2019, it’s that I eventually stop putting my poor hair through hell and back. I seem to quite easily feel the urge to do something different with it on the regular, but at the start of the summer I decided to go blonde. It started off pretty tame at first – as below! – but I was very, very blonde at one point. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss it now that I’m back to brunette, but I can definitely feel that my hair’s a little healthier now that I’m not constantly bleaching it… and I look a little bit more like myself again!

Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 21.14.11.png


I hope everyone has a fabulous New Year when it comes – and all the best for a happy and healthy 2019! xo






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