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What is Blogtober?

Back in July, a very surprisingly-organised Hannah tweeted about preparing for Blogtober – for the first time, in fact:

… which prompted a few replies from fellow bloggers stating that they need to do the same, alongside a handful of queries as to what exactly “Blogtober” is. I definitely don’t think I should be the first stop for learning about blogging challenges, and I know that there’s probably multiple posts out there somewhere on this exact topic – but it was suggested that I do a post explaining the challenge, and so that is what I am here to do 🙂


So, what is Blogtober?

Basically, Blogtober is a month of blogging every day in the month of – yep, October. And yep, every day. Which is why I made a start to my plans back in July! The whole idea is to celebrate creativity and the concept of creating content.

As far as I’m aware, there are no set rules to it. You just post once every day, and that’s it. Contrary to what I used to believe (and why I hadn’t previously taken part… as well as my general lack in organisational skills), you do not need to centre the topic of your posts on things to do with October, Autumn and the likes – of course, you can if that’s what you want to talk about!

There isn’t even entirely a need to have organised all of your 31 posts prior to the month commencing; as helpful as it can be, don’t be put off if you haven’t given it much thought thus far. I’m just very aware that I often struggle to find the motivation to write more than once a week, let alone every day for 31 days! The whole idea is that it’s a fun way to put content out there!


See? Simple! I’m really excited about starting the challenge, not just for putting out my own posts but to see what ideas other bloggers have come up with. And if you’re interested in taking part but don’t feel like you’d manage this year, bear in mind that Blogmas will be coming up on the 1st December too… three guesses as to what that entails!





  • JustaKidd

    Wow! Best of luck for Blogtober,I am no where near that organised ahaha. I struggle to post once a month which sounds SOOO bad now!

    Lon x


  • Jheelam

    Thanks for letting your readers know about this exciting challenge. I was not even aware that such a challenge exists. Now I’m stoked to take part in it.


    cool. can’t wait to see what you post for Blogtober! Joy at The Joyous Living

  • That’s great! I’m sure it will an interesting way to get the creative juices flowing. I would like to try but don’t know if travel will allow it. Good luck! I will check it out when you start.

  • Christal

    This sounds fun, not sure I could do it as I’m still quite new to blogging and figuring out what I’m doing lol

  • Louisa

    I admire every blogger who manages to blog every day. I have tried and failed miserably. I’d definitely love to give it another try though. Best of luck with it!

    Louisa |

  • Joy

    I wish i had read this post earlier!! I really want to do it but now i can’t plan posts. Plus, i have exams in October :((

  • Every dayyyy…I can’t wait! Forever wishing I was organised enough to do this x

    Morgan //

  • I wish I had enough time to blog every day (or plan ahead enough to release something everyday). Maybe for Blogtober, I’ll be more consistent!

  • bbbryony

    I wish I had the time to do this, I attempted Blogmas last year and stopped posting everyday after about 10 days as I wasn’t getting enough content done to a quality i was happy with. hope it goes well gal x

  • Jenna

    Thanks for sharing! I did Blogmas last year and while it was super fun, it was also a lot of work during a very busy season (aka finals). Blogtober might be better timing for me, so maybe I will try it out this or next year 🙂
    -Jenna <3
    Follow me back? The Chic Cupcake

  • Hannah

    Good luck with Blogtober! x

  • Esmée

    Oh dear, I post 3 times a week and I am already stressing. Goodluck!

  • Hayley

    I wish you best of luck with Blogtober! I did it last year – minus a couple of days…but I didn’t have a job at the time…even then I still struggled haha! it’s really good for engaging with others..some of my highest traffic months were when I blogged everyday

    Hayley // hayleyxmartin

  • I don’t have enough time or ideas to do Blogtober but I’m definitely planning on doing Blogmas! I’m going to start writing my posts soon hopefully to get organised as I’m on holiday at the beginning of December!

    Jess //

  • Bookinggoodread

    Good luck with your blogtober. I havent done it yet I’m not organised enough. I might give it a go next year. I’m thinking of maybe doing Blogmas this year though. X

    Emma x

  • thoughtsfromjasmine

    I’m not doing Blogtober, but I have around 10 of my posts already prepped with Blogmas so it’s along the same kind of thing! Can’t wait to see what you bring out for Blogtober!

    Jas xx |

  • pixieskies

    Good luck with blogtober, I’m always impressed when people manage to daily post

    Megan //

  • Jenn

    I’m so excited for blogtober but also so scared I won’t be able to post every day 😄😄 I can’t wait to see what you post about over the 31 days 😊😊🖤

  • Bexa

    Good luck with Blogtober Hannah! I’ve never done anything like that before but it goes sound like a fun challenge. Looking forward to reading your posts <3 xx

    Bexa |

  • ellesecrit

    I wish I was that organised!😂😂 good luck with it!

  • teemadzika

    A blogging challenge always challenges your creativity, it helps you make better content👌🏾

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